Monday, March 28, 2011


i did zero work this weekend.

i actually didn't do much outside of eating, sleeping, writing, and eating some more.

it was quietly glorious in my lack of productivity.

i woke up about 5ish this morning and was able to jump into my work day without hesitation thanks to a combo of jet lag and stepping away from work for a couple of days. i can't remember the last time i did that. you know, not working for a couple of days. it is a bit too easy to get wrapped up in one project or another....that sometimes i forget that sleep and just truly getting away from it all is a good idea....and it isn't until i feel the affects of being able to step away that i remember...."oh yea, this is why taking a real break is a good thing". so now it is after 3:30 and i feel no guilt in putting away work for the rest of the day.

i'm sitting in a local cafe which i may write about more extensively at some point if i can time my visit with them having a working soft serve ice cream machine. i've visited at least 3 times. each time, it hasn't been working. thwarted! oh well, the coffee is good and i'm in too good of a mood to let anything get in the way of it.

my uptick in mood probably also has to do with resettling into home very quickly over the weekend. i was able to drop into a regular spot such as OTD on bush street for a bowl of pho for breakfast. it was super duper busy on sunday when i went (i slept in) but my fav front of the house person was on duty so that helped considerably as well. i was able to sit in a corner...mostly tuning out the world....the rare exceptions being interacting with my fav front of the house person (i do know her name btw...i'm not a total asshole all of the time....i just haven't ever asked her permission to use it) as well as informing a nearby family that the pho was good when i saw they were eyeballing mine.

or perhaps, they were eyeballing me taking pics of the pho.

i think the pics came out pretty good this time. i do love the broth of the beef pho at OTD on bush. i have brought people into OTD on bush just to try this broth. these days OTD are doing the thin rice noodles (they were doing the wide noodles for quite a while) and is it sacrilegious for me to admit that i kinda prefer the thin noodles? i ordered it either way....but my personal preference is for the thin noodles.

after my unsurprising usual visit to OTD, i hopped onto muni and did a few errands in the mission. then on a lark, i decided to take a peek into summit sf to see if there are any seats available. i've been here before. the aesthetics of this place appeals to me quite a bit....but i also know that because it is on valencia that the likelihood of finding a seat is not exactly high. perhaps it is a matter of finding the right time (i.e., off hours) to come....but interestingly enough...there was an empty seat at the counter yesterday afternoon so i ordered their mexicali cocoa "for here" and settled in for a bit. the supremely nerdy part of me really liked the cup and saucer it came in.

it was at summit sf that i remembered why i like being in new york. i know that is a weird connection...but please bear with me for a of the reasons why i love new york is that it is possible to ride the waves of energy and actually not interact with anyone. i like those sort of scenarios. that is what i like about summit sf. there is a lot going on....lots of activity....but it is possible to sit there and ride the wave of energy while ignoring everyone else....and do your own thing. i think that is one of the reasons why i love the cafe culture of san francisco so much. there are so many different types of cafes that support the many moods. maybe one day i'll do a posting just on cafes i like to visit.

you know, when i started this posting, i had all of these ideas about what i should write about and i haven't referred to any of them. none. i think i'll save them for later. methinks i am in a supremely mellow mood at the moment and that isn't a bad thing. you really do get to see me in all of my moods on this blog.....happiness, anger, sadness, exultation, crankiness, etc.....and now....super duper mellow.

i feel i should be stretched out in the relaxed am i. i think i'll just wallow in my mellowness for a while longer.....these moments are so i'm going to enjoy it while i can.

until later dear hearts.....


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