Monday, March 14, 2011

more studying

sometimes i think we are meant to come across certain things. this morning, after having gone through my work email and such for a couple of hours, i decided to take a break and have a second warm beverage. during this break, i decided to sit on the couch and watch a ted video on my ipad. ted has an ipad app. i find it rather convenient. the talk i decided to watch for my break was david brooks on "the social animal". i enjoyed reading his bobo's in paradise and on paradise drive and knew nothing of his most recent book "the social animal"..... but i thought, what the heck? lets see what some of his thoughts are, maybe i'll buy this book too.

i found myself, unsurprising, a bit pensive listening to him. he touches upon quite a few things that i've been pondering recently. for is quite timely. then, i closed out of that app and put on pandora to get back to the slew of emails for another hour before some meetings began. then naturally, there were a couple of projects that had to be done this afternoon and my late lunch turned into the super simple combination of brown rice and hard boiled eggs seasoned simply with nuoc mam and cayenne chili.

yet, as i was noshing through my late lunch, i kept thinking more about the brook's talk and decided that once the work day was over, i'd go buy the book with the intention of finishing it before i head to the UK. i had a feeling it wasn't going to be a "light" book (in terms of pure physical weight) and i don't like to carry heavy books with me when i travel. i also had a feeling that i'd want the real book...not an electronic version.

so when around 5ish came around, i decided to go to green apple as that would mean i would be traveling against the typical commute traffic. so i hopped onto muni into the richmond district, ate my order of har gow at wing lee bakery (i'm such a creature of habit) and wandered into green apple books. i bought david brook's the social animal as well as poundstone's priceless...which i think will be a good book for my work-oriented studies. i don't think i've ever walked out of green apple with just one book. i think it is impossible. really, i do.

you know.....i'm not quite certain what the universe is trying to tell me right now.

but i'm listening.

well, i'm off to take a bath and put my head into this book.

until later dear hearts...

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