Thursday, March 3, 2011

one bourbon, one scotch, one beer

i'm taking a break from work and wanted to tell everybody about the rather fascinating experience i had at comstock saloon today.

i had to drop off some paperwork at my tax guy and was rather thrilled that i also had enough time to stop by comstock saloon. i have been wanting to try their beef shank and bone marrow pot pie for a long time. i was also quite happy to be there during off hours so that i could sit at the bar....admire the decor....and random details.....i really like the foot rests on the bar stools (yeah, i notice things like that)...

and order THAT pie that i have been wanting to meet so badly. thankfully, the pie is on the all day menu. while comstock is also well known for their adult beverages, i unfortunately passed on trying out one of their cocktails. there is still a lot of work i have to do today. it doesn't mean that i wasn't looking a bit lustfully at the arrangements of interesting liquor behind the bar. i was very excited when the pie i knew that it looked deceptively humble. i could smell its deliciousness. as my fork split it open, the aroma wafted up and i knew it was going to be good. it was. decadently good.

this sort of pie isn't for everyone. it is for folks that like meat and like marrow and like richness. the marrow escalates the pie to another level of rich fatty goodness. it is also the only meal i'm going to eat today. i was pretty much engrossed in my pie until a horde of people showed up. normally, i'm quite adept at ignoring hordes of people....but this horde entered my consciousness through the numerous amounts of flashes coming from their cameras. i observed them. there was this group of guys and gals... taking pictures inside the restaurant.....of the restaurant. the decor, the fixtures, the bartenders, and some of the on duty and off duty staff. they didn't stop at 1 or 2 pictures. i wouldn't be surprised if they were taking an average of a dozen shots per person.

during my observation, i noticed that the staff were being quite nice and nonchalant about it.

like it wasn't a surprise.

normally, i'm quite an anti-social person. yet, for some odd reason, i decided to ask aloud "does this happen a lot?"...because.... why the heck not ask? why ignore this group of rude people? there were so many of them. this was a really odd surreal moment for me. i could not believe that so many people could be so incredibly and obviously rude....taking so many pictures in a darkened space with flashes galore.

one of the guys (who i suspect was off duty, works at comstock, and is ahem...attractive) said that it used to happen a lot more. then, in a rather mischievous adorably endearing sort of way, he talked to some members of the flash mob horde... to recommend taking shots of various things...including going back to take pictures of "carlos". when i heard that, i immediately became super fascinated with my pie and tried not to laugh. there were some guffaws from other members of the staff at his comment.

i have a feeling that joke went right over the heads of the horde.

you see....carlos espinas, whom i have never met, is the chef. yet, i don't have to know the chef to imagine how any chef would react to an unexpected horde of uninvited people invading their kitchen with flashing cameras.

if i was a chef and that happened to me and my kitchen, there would probably be some sharp pointy knives involved. yet, the folks at comstock were a lot nicer than i would have ever been in that situation.

while this was all was going down, i was rather amazed how gracious the on duty and off duty staff were to the mob. i had stopped eating at this point and i watched them slowly trickle out the door. i couldn't believe it! they weren't going to stay to eat or drink anything! as i watched the last one exit...i looked around in disbelief.

not one of them ordered or bought anything.

they showed up, took dozens and dozens of pictures, and then left.

this group of people graduated from being rude to complete utter assholes.

now, i'd like to be very clear that this is solely my opinion.

the folks at comstock were very gracious about the whole thing. i think i saw the front of the house manager even politely answering some questions. also, the bartender (who was very nice to me throughout my meal) was very calmly doing prep with mint while this whole thing was going down.

my reaction to the whole thing is probably why i should never be involved in any front of the house activities. ever. my reaction would be

dontcha just love san francisco? i came across this today on the way home. appropriate dontcha think?

yet, while my reaction was more aligned with the above picture.....the comstock folks' reaction was professional courtesy.

so i gotta give the folks at comstock some serious props... not only did i love THAT pie (all pics were taken sans flash btw), i was quite impressed with how they handled the flash mob. i look forward to going back to comstock to have another helping of that pie....and maybe one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer....

comstock saloon
, 155 columbus avenue, san francisco, ca 94133 + 1 415 617 0071,

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