Tuesday, March 1, 2011

point and shoot

i was talking to someone this week and they were saying some nice things (thanks!) about some of my pics they saw on the blog and such. as they have never seen me take pics, they asked me what kind of camera i used.


the answer to this question never fails to bring about some disbelief....because the answer is a cannon digital elph point and shoot.

i think folks think i have a fancy camera or something.

actually, i know folks think that i have a fancy camera because they tell me on email, in person, on facebook, on the phone, etc. that they thought i had a fancy camera.

i also suspect that some folks even think i am lying when i say i have a point and shoot. hence, i thought i'd provide some photographic evidence (using my camera phone) to show my beat up little camera. it has been through a lot. together, we have bounced around numerous trains, planes, and automobiles. there are some features that no longer work which is not the fault of the camera, but because i'm not exactly precious with it.

maybe one day, i'll spring for one of those niffty canon EOS cameras (and the appropriate lenses). yet, i think i will always have a compact camera. there is something a bit less conspicuous about shooting food...especially in a restaurant.... with compact camera. i also like that it is easy to carry around and fits in my pocket. it allows for some spontaneous and random shots.

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