Tuesday, March 22, 2011

running on fumes

country location: uk
time: almost midnight

i'm sitting in a conservatory, huddled next to a heater, within a converted estate house that is now a hotel and "spa". i've just finished up the slide deck of what i am presenting tomorrow morning (which is rather odd for me...not not have this done well in advance) and i'm running fumes. i can tell. i've had about 3 hours of sleep since i've left sf.

interestingly enough, despite loading up the ipad w/various books/movies/such, it has been a work while traveling sort of trip. working sitting on the floor at airports....

working in planes despite some pretty cramped quarters.....or fortunately being able to get into one of the airport lounges for a few hours to repower all of the hardware, have reliable internet access, and try to get away from people....

and now, i'm sitting in a chilly conservatory because my room doesn't have internet access and i'd rather work from the conservatory than the bar...although the bar has probably already shut down for the night. isn't that odd that the bar and the conservatory has internet access? there is a difference here....in this part of england. a puzzlement toward the notion of working during "non-office hours" and just being connected to the internet on an ongoing basis

it are moments like this that i feel very sf bay area-ean. yes, i've decided to make up that term "sf bay area-ean". no matter where i go in the states or other countries in europe, uk...or even major global urban cities like hong kong....it takes me leaving the bay area for me to realize just how american i am....and just how i spoiled by my beloved sf bay area. while i am glad that i have had the opportunity to visit some rather amazing cities....i adore paris, hong kong, and london....but when i think of home, i think of san francisco. i think of loved ones.
i think of the diversity. i think of the people, the beliefs, the faiths, the arguments, the passions, the idealism towards making change, the overall optimism, and of course, i think of the food.

every time i leave the sf bay area, it makes me appreciate it more.

this time, i took a bit of san francisco with me. on sunday, i dropped into humphry slocombe for a scoop and also bought a duck fat pecan pie with the intention of eating it here...in the uk.

so i did.

sometimes it is good to not just take bits of home with you....not just inside you....but also to physically bring moments of deliciousness with you to offer comfort when being thousands of miles from home in a rather hostile environment. it makes things a wee bit easier to bear.

as i wind down for the evening, i'm concentrating on how i will be back on plane headed home on friday, perhaps a visit to the farmers market on saturday, puttering around my kitchen cooking random things from the market, and then catching up with loved ones.

until later dear hearts.


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