Sunday, March 6, 2011

sequestered snacks

so, i've been thinking.

big shock huh?

the past few days i've been sequestering myself....just needing some time away from the world. there are responsibilities, that of course, i haven't been putting on hold (like work) but as for everything else, i've retreated from for a bit.

on friday, after my marathon of meetings that had me awake and online at 5am, i decided to stop into wing lee bakery in the richmond and grab some dim sum to go. something to nourish me and for me to snack on in between the various projects going on. this outside shot was from one of my earlier it wasn't raining on friday.

i've been going to wing lee bakery for a whole lot of years. often, trips to green apple books (a fave) are coupled with trips to wing lee for snacking.....nourishment before or after i have spent hours losing myself in various books within one of the remaining independent bookstores in the city. i wasn't surprised that i saw a recent reference to wing lee in a 7x7 piece where sara deseran relays a conversation between her and jason fox, a co-owner of commonwealth, re: some of his dim sum picks in the city. it is an unassuming place. yet, i do love their dim sum.

usually, i'll order some har gow and gobble it down right there. on friday, i needed to get back to my place to get some things done, so i put in a pretty large order (for me) of har gow and siu mai.

and some folks may find this a bit sacrilegious, i even snack on it the next day....

i reheat it in the microwave (gasp!) with a bit of water in the plate...which evaporates in the microwave and gives it a decent consistency.

it doesn't surprise me and likely those that i have read me on a regular basis, to "hear" that i'll stock up on some treat for me to snack on while i'm processing things. it gives me the option to completely forgo the outside world if i feel like it.

while there have been many things i've been processing about, i think the largest overall theme that i have been processing about is change. i sense a lot of it in my future. in some ways, this is a rather ridiculous statement. as i've looked back on just the past 3 years....looking through various blog postings....there has been quite a bit of significant change that has happened in my life. on march 12th i'll have been blogging for 3 years....and the combination of this blog and my pics on flickr, just reconfirm how much change has happened.

yet, i sense some rather large changes and challenging decisions will be made relatively soon. perhaps, this is why i am sequestering myself.....similar to the gathering of resources and energy to prepare for this next stage of my life.

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