Wednesday, April 27, 2011

another shot at summit

after working from home with meetings and such from about 7ish-2pm today.....and finding that i still needed to get more significant progress done on a presentation slide deck...i decided that i really needed to get out of my apartment....just for a change of scenery. i often think of this as my "phase 2" of the work day.

phase 1 is the frenetic meetings and rapid fire emails/IMs/etc with folks in uk/europe/east-coast-state-side. this is usually 5ish-1 or 7ish-2 depending on the day or my hunger level. then i must insert a break....cook in my kitchen....get ice cream....take a walk...go to the library....or something/anything....that is forcing me to step away for a while....before entering phase 2 of the work day.

i have some regular phase 2 spots....when i feel like working outside of my apartment. today, on a whim, i decided to see if there was a spot open at the summit sf. i was kind of half expecting that there wouldn't be. i've written about summit before. i do like the space quite a bit....the vibe energy allows me to be productive but i can still be my anti-social shit self. it is a popular spot on the main valencia corridor so i usually don't have high expectations of getting a seat.

yet, i walked through the front door about 3ish to the tunes of lauren hill flowing through the speakers, i saw a couple of potential open seats. i was pretty excited to snag a spot by the window and must admit that i had a hard time not smiling to myself when a certain chef was kinda singing along to ms. hill. we've never formally met...yet, i know who he is. i did have a big smile on my face when he served up my mexicali cocoa though.......

isn't that pretty? it also helped me jump start into phase 2 of my work day.

after a couple of very productive hours, i can see again why this place is popular. i found myself a bit hungry so on another whim, i decided to grab an early dinner. i ordered up the 4505 meats sausage with the ramp grits. i was pretty certain i was going to like it.........

and sure enough i did. while i always love sausages from 4505 meats.....the grits were also quite lovely.....creamy and very well done....and the spinach was tender and perfect.

i had another moment of trying not to smile when a staff a very respectful way....tried their luck with a fellow patron. i was kind of wondering what was going on when the staff member came over with a cookie that the patron didn't initiate a conversation with said patron. i did my typical "i-am-pretending-that-i-am-hearing-none-of-this" and kinda wished i had my ipod earbuds in to give them some privacy. yet, alas, i didn't....well...because i like the music here. so hence, my studiously focusing on my meal and pretending that i wasn't hearing what i was hearing.

personally, i find initiating that sort of contact to be rather nerve is one thing to cold approach folks for business meetings or at business is completely different (or well, it is for me anyway) to do so for rather personal reasons. although the staff member wasn't successful with the tattooed patron with the nose piercing, i gotta give them props for giving it a shot....and doing it in such a respectful way.

notice how i've been very gender neutral during this whole thing? definitely on purpose. i'm trying to relay the experience of the day but still be very respectful.

anyway, as i made through my early dinner....working away on my presentation deck....i'm was thinking that i may keep trying out my luck and see if i can grab a seat on a regular basis.

i really like it here. the design aesthetic appeals to me..... there is a lot of good productive energy flowing through the place.....the folks are friendly.....there are good eats.....and of course, there is that mexicali hot chocolate.

The Summit SF, 780 Valencia San Francisco @ 19th, +1 415-861-5330,


Anonymous said...

i thought you were listening! it was embarrassing, but i had to give it a shot...

--the summit

foodie hunter said...

completely understand about the embarrassment. sorry about the eavesdropping. it is nice to be able to tell you that btw.

once I realized what was going on, i thought it would be too obvious if I broke out my ipod and put the earbuds in.

for what it’s worth, i thought you were pretty confident about the whole thing, especially your exit. as I mentioned in the posting, gotta give you props for taking the shot…and doing it in a respectful way.