Thursday, April 28, 2011 totally matters who makes your drinks

i am winding down for the evening and wanted to share with you a moment of how sometimes my intense curiosity (ahem....pure nosiness) can overwhelm my typical anti-social behavior. alas, it is true. sometimes when i am trying to make sense of something....i get very focused on trying to solve it....or make sense of it....that i don't even realize that i've put aside my anti-social behavior until much later. this definitely happened today.

i did my typical work from 7ish until about 3ish....taking a super quick break to make myself a brunch of flat egg noodles seasoned with miso, soy sauce, sesame oil, sriracha, and black sesame seeds.....

i found myself in need of taking a real break...and walk outside for a bit.....and grab a hit of caffeine. i decided to drop into jane to see if the soft serve ice cream machine was working. i didn't do the practical efficient thing by calling i figured that if it wasn't working, i'd just have some four barrel coffee. when i arrived into jane and asked the friendly barista about the machine....they confirmed that it wasn't working. sigh. oh well. no worries though.....and i ordered a cappuccino. at this point, i was thinking that the barista looked EXTREMELY familiar but i couldn't place them. nor was i willing to say "hey, you know you look familiar...." because....well, i'm socially awkward, anti-social, and saying that aloud sounds remarkably like a really awful come on....which is kind of creepy.

so naturally, i said nothing.

yet, when the barista with full on zen like intensity was pouring the milk to the espresso....i could almost hear a "ding! ding! ding!" in my head going off with further recognition. i had seen this barista do this before. a lot. but i still couldn't place them. and of course, i still said nothing as they pushed the cappuccino in my direction.....

it wasn't until i was sitting down and took a sip of my cappuccino that i finally placed the barista. the cappuccino with the four barrel beans was lovely and incredibly smooth. it reminded me of the creamy foamy drinks i usually get at a blue bottle kiosk. eureka! blue bottle! that is where i recognize this barista....they were one of the baristas at the blue bottle in the ferry building. i'm there often.

if you go to any of the blue bottle locations on a regular basis...then you know that you have plenty of time for images of baristas to be integrated into your memory while you are waiting for them to make you your lovely coffee drinks (examples for you blue bottle regulars: how about the supremely extremely super duper attractive salt n' pepper haired barista that works and likely jump starts the hormones of many patrons at the hayes valley kiosk....or.....
i betcha you noticed the short soft-spoken brunette that has recently gone super duper blonde at the ferry building).

at the ferry building in particular, you've got to give them props for making excellent individual coffee drinks under such intense scrutiny....which is probably why this barista's zen intensity looked so familiar. with that mystery solved, i went back to working on my presentation....happily sipping through my cappuccino. then, when i went to the counter to order another beverage, this is where the foodie hunter's curiosity overcame her typical anti-social now i had a theory about where i had seen this person before and was supremely curious about whether i was correct.

"hey, did you used to work at blue bottle?"

the barista looked surprised and replied in the affirmative.

"the one in the ferry building?"

the barista looked even more surprised and replied in the affirmative.

that is when i realized, oh-shit,-does-this-make-me-sound-like-a-stalker-or-something? then i quickly explained how i thought they looked familiar earlier, especially when i saw them making the drink, but that i couldn't place first....and how it was all about context. i said that i go to the ferry building a lot and that is why i recognized them.

translation: i'm a food nerd and not a stalker.

i'm guessing that they realized that i wasn't a stalker and we ended up having a conversation about some of the local coffee shops....and i explained why i was asking them about the soft serve machine earlier as i like taking coffee + ice cream going to haus and coupling that with visits to humphry slocombe. then we both had a moment of appreciation for the deliciousness that is humphry slocombe ice cream. then the barista also ended up recommending that i try mr. & mrs. miscellaneous....which is totally on my list!....but i hadn't met anyone that has had their ice cream yet.

so when i took my tea back to my table to continue working, i realized that my curiosity totally overcame my typical anti-social behavior and was able to come away with a rec for ice cream in dog patch no less. maybe this will become a regular thing? you actually talking to people, not being so anti-social and being less socially awkward?

naw, probably not.

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