Friday, April 8, 2011

breakfast comfort

my 6am meeting was canceled. so instead of jumping into work, i decided to take some time out this morning, get a few things out, and then begin the day. yesterday was a wee bit of a challenging day. i suppose you could call it a recovery day....although i didn't know it at the time.

i knew something was up i just didn't know what exactly.....and the reason why i could tell was during my 7am meeting yesterday, all i could think about was scurrying away and burying my face in a huge bowl of soup. i thought about going to OTD but then realized that since it was thursday, i could go to the ferry building and have some hapa ramen instead. i actually feel like i haven't had their ramen in ages. it also meant that i could have their ramen now and their not-ramen stuff on monday, the 11th, during their pop up at bar tartine. once i realized this, i started day dreaming about the ramen during my conference call and then tweeted about it. it wasn't difficult to day dream in this meeting because i wasn't on the agenda to present or participate...but rather just say "present" during role call. just one amongst lots and lots of people on the call.

so, when i arrived to the ferry building i got into the blue bottle line and texted the homie/hapa ramen/richie to see if he + the other folks wanted any coffee drinks...since i was already in line. i thought that maybe it could be a potential trade for ramen. prob a rather futile effort. i've almost given up on the trading thing and just do regular donations to the hapa ramen baby fund peppered with drop offs of bottles of whiskey. i was a bit surprised when the homie ended up dropping by on his way to get a bite for himself and already had his blue bottle in hand. while we were chatting, he made a reference to my tweeting about ramen so early in the morning. i couldn't exactly voice why.....all i could really say was that i really needed to have ramen today....and that it was just a ramen kind of day. which was true. i'm kind of emotionally retarded like that. i couldn't exactly voice why i wanted the soup so much. then as the homie left the line, he had to do his obligatory mischievous self and give me a hard time about the blog. this is a regular thing. he does this almost every time i see him and usually pulls in someone else as part of the "fun". the other person he pulled into his antics yesterday was a very good natured (and extremely tall) young man who i recognized when he used to work for dirty girl produce. he was very gracious about being looped in and after the homie left, said some nice things about how i might end up a food photographer some day.

after i grabbed my drink at blue bottle, sipped on it for a bit at the nearby seating area, i thought more about what was going on with me.....and why i needed to leave my place and have ramen. it is similar to what i am doing now. needing to address some clear my get back into the day.

you see, i said good bye to a loved one on wednesday night.....he is going to go and be amazing bad ass at an amazing bad ass firm in new york. we planned to hang out and i thought it would also be good to give him back his spare set of keys...

also, to make sure i wasn't going to be my usually emotionally retarded self, i made out a card that included the things i wanted to say....basically what i mentioned in the setsunai post.... but i also said pretty much everything i wanted to say aloud that evening as well. yet, the card was also something i wanted to provide that was tangible....something he could physically see. on the front of the envelope i sketched an image of a metrocard as well as a couple of other identifiers that i sure as hell am not going to show in the blog....

and then on the back were images that reflected his new firm's branding (which i am also not going to show). it was my effort to show support of his journey.

i think i did a pretty good job at being upbeat during the good bye....but the next day....i was feeling the after effects....and just feeling the mix of happiness and sadness. for those that read me on a regular should surprise no one that i am typically drawn to having a big bowl of soup for comfort. so i went to the stand, made a donation to the hapa ramen baby fund, and had to smile while chatting with the uber cool mrs. hapa ramen. she is very charming.....i even found myself telling her about a recent guy who knew that i liked ice cream so much (not like that isn't obvious) and actually drove me out to this small dairy farm so i could try their ice cream....but they were closed! he got an "A" for effort though. i haven't told anyone else that, but i told her. see what i mean about charm? she kind of reminds me of SN in that respect. when SN and i worked together, i always found it rather amazing how SN could charm confidential information out of people. they both have a good natured charisma to them.

anyway, since it was so early the hapa ramen folks made up the bowl with a slow cooked egg pretty quickly.....

as you can see, i also customized my order a wee bit. the hapa ramen folks bring a few ceramic bowls with during their shifts at the ferry building. this is the first time i've asked for it at the ferry building. i personally thinks it adds quite a bit to the experience of the soup and already knew this from eating ramen at their various pop ups in the city.

as i cupped the large warm bowl in my hands, making my way to one of the temporarily empty tables, i began to feel an uplift into my mood. i could feel the heat from the steaming stock.....and inhale all of the wonderful aromas....and see the moments of brightness with the slices of asparagus.

as i sipped on the stock, i went digging for the slow cooked egg....which of course, brings another dimension to the stock as well as the immediate bites when the egg coats the hot noodles.

slurp slurp.

sigh. just perfect. i love how the soup reflects what is in season now with the well as pushes boundaries. i always look forward to seeing what is in the bowl.

after i was finished, i wiped, soaped, and rinsed out the bowl in the near by bathroom sink. i was pretty certain that they were just going to store it away to clean it later, but it seemed kinda weird to not at least rinse it out. i'm anal like that. as i dropped off the bowl in the kitchen area of the stand, i had a chance to say thanks again to the homie for the ramen. it was exactly what i needed. it was complete comfort in a bowl and i was ready to get my head back into work after that.

well, speaking of work, it is getting close to 7am now....and should tackle the mound of email.

until later dear hearts....

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