Monday, April 25, 2011

custard, bread, and butter

before i hit up my whiskey class at the ferry building on saturday, i dropped by to say "hey!" to the hapa ramen folks. i found out from susanna that they still had some of their custard that they made as an easter holiday special. while i was tempted by their savory bread pudding made with victor's first house cured guinciale, i thought a 3-4 portion serving was a wee bit too big for me and didn't want to waste any of it. if i was going to a larger easter event, then i would have bought that to share. if it shows up at a future pop up...then i'll definitely get it. yet, alas, the sesame caramel pourable custard seemed more aligned with my predictable eating habits over the next few days. admittedly, i've been popping spoonfuls of it or dipping stuff into its tasty yumminess since saturday. yet this morning, i decided to make a simple but supremely decadent breakfast with it. how simple? just some leftover acme baguette, straus butter, and the hapa ramen pourable custard....warmed up in ramekins.

i think my ....quite frankly....sensual pics..... speak for themselves.

see what i mean?

was it good for you? well, it was even better for me.


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