Friday, April 29, 2011



after an interesting meeting today, i decided that it was going to take-a-break-at-humphry-slocombe kind-of-day. it must have been serendipitous decision as today is also the day that they are running unique flavors in celebration of the royal wedding. when i walked in, i had to smile since one of the guys behind the glass counter was wearing a princess tiara with such je ne sais quoi that perfectly matched some of the other whimsical decorations in place to celebrate the royal wedding.....

and i also saw another staff member casually break out into an adorable mini dance while i was there. i do love this place. sigh. in humphry slocombe's typical sly wicked delicious selves, they named the royal wedding flavors like spotted dick (which really is a uk dessert/bread pudding btw....but most americans probably don't know that) and eaton mess.....

which were the flavors that i ordered today. the spotted dick flavor was brown butter bread pudding with currants.....and the eaton mess flavor was strawberry and meringue.

it was a lovely pick me up today. also, as i am wont to do when i am in humprhy slocombe, i was thinking about an email i received this morning from a loved one who has completed his move to new york and starts his first day as a bad ass at the bad ass firm next monday....

still miss him? yup. still really fucking proud of him? yup. still feeling an odd mix of happy and sad at the same time? you bet. this is not going away anytime soon. do i believe that he will make it happen and actualize his dream in the city that often crushes other people? i have no doubt that he will make it happen. i fully expect to be in moma someday, open a book, and be able to see his talent, drive, and work recognized and showcased.

because it will happen.

you'll see.

i love knowing that loved ones are pursuing and actualizing their passions. for each of them, it isn't the same thing....and while for one of the loved ones being a bad ass at a bad ass firm is actualizing their passions....and for another loved is maintaining a life balance where they pursue their art on their terms.....or for another it may be creating a loving safe family environment that changes know..."be the change you wish to see in the world". their passions vary greatly.....but at the core it is about being and making change.

i don't see any actualization of one type of passion and dream being more or less valid than another.

my role in this....from my to love them for who they are....and support them in who they are. simple and complicated all at once. especially for someone who is as socially and emotionally retarded as i am...but that doesn't stop me from continuously trying....i do think this is an area where the effort really does matter....and i do hope that those i love know that i love them. it is really the most important thing in life.

sometimes that love and support is hard though.

like now.

when i'm like "gawd dammit, i wish you were here, in san francisco" but at the same time i'm like "gawd dammit it, i'm really glad you are there, in new york."


such is life, love, and friendship.

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