Saturday, April 23, 2011

my social awkwardness

there was a bit of a change in my saturday morning routine today. instead of heading to the farmers market at the ferry building, i decided to have a hearty breakfast at otd on bush street. i'll be heading to the chaos that is the saturday ferry building later this afternoon to attend a whiskey class.

those that know me and have watched me nurse my adult beverages with a flaming red face....or fall asleep on tables/counters due to minute sips of liquor....please don't laugh, kay. pretty please? i do enjoy the taste of whiskey (well, specifically bourbon and rye whiskey so far)....but alas...i don't have the alcohol tolerance to drink substantial amounts of it....which makes the learning curve a slow one. this class seemed perfect...i'm hoping that it will help me identify potential other kinds of whiskeys i may like. yet, it also means that i need to load up on food before i go. how not fun would it be to fall asleep in class?

hence, why i found myself at otd on bush street this morning. as i made my way through my tea and buttered sugared mini baguette.....

i was wondering how the food will change. grace nguyen, the chef de cuisine, is moving to an exec chef position with asian box. for more info, please read mr. luccesi's column about it here. i've written about ms. nguyen's food before....and the respect i have for her based on the food alone. although i don't know her personally, i have a feeling that she will continue to create lovely food no matter where she is at. oddly, enough, while i was thinking about walks mr charles phan himself.

talk about a celebrity moment. holy shit.

i really wasn't all that excited when i was within arm length distance of mr jake gyllenhaal in new york last fall... but i was super excited this morning when i looked up from taking a pic of my breakfast of banh cuon to see mr. charles phan.

it really is all about context and what we are passionate about.

i suppose it is really ballsy or really clueless to take pictures of OTD's food in front of the chef/owner of the OTD/Slanted Door/The Moss Room empire.

in my defense, i had no idea he was there until i saw someone looking at me taking pics in the my periphery and realized it was mr. phan. (um, hi? i love your food? i hope you don't see this as being disrespectful because it is definitely not my intention). heck, i usually don't even think about it when i take food pics at OTD. i'm usually in my zone and oblivious to the surroundings and the staff just usually lets me do my anti-social thing. to be honest, if i realized he was there, i wouldn't have taken the pictures....i'm not one that really wants to draw the attention of chefs....and taking pics of their food right under their nose is definitely a way to draw their attention.

yes. this is a rather contrary and odd characteristic of mine.

i may love your food but it is unlikely that i'm going to approach you about it. this is a rather odd characteristic that a certain homie chef takes great personal wicked pleasure in exploiting at times....he rather enjoys seeing me scamper away as quickly as possible when i see a rather infamous/famous chef approaching while i am talking to him. it isn't like said chefs want to talk to me. they want to talk to him. why would they want to know who i am? i am not in the industry. hell, i wouldn't have introduced myself to the homie if i hadn't received quite a few guilt n' scolding laden tweets about introducing myself almost a year ago. if he is reading this..."yes dude, i'm glad that i did....i wouldn't want to have missed the chance to get to know you and the other guys"....i is all about my social awkwardness.

lets face it. i'm really socially awkward in non-work situations. at work, i can do the business socializing thing...probably because i'm telling myself that it isn't really "me" and this is something i HAVE to do for work. yet, in personal settings, i usually freeze up or get really awkward. hell, there have been times when i've seen jake godby at humphry slocombe or even at a blue bottle event when he was doing a special dessert.... when i've just wanted to blurt out "i really love your ice cream. for reals." and then run out the door...but i don't. because there is a part of me that thinks if i do that, i may never go into humphry slocombe again from the embarrassment.

instead, i just have a flickr shrine to his ice cream.

i should probably work on my social awkwardness.

so no surprises that i walked out of OTD without saying a peep to mr. phan about how much i love the food at his places.


well, i better get ready to head to class.....oh.....the irony of me going to a social class and being socially awkward is not lost on me btw.

until later....


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