Friday, April 1, 2011

of course i win the goodie bag

last night, i decided to step away from the big presentation i was working on (which i delivered went well btw) for a couple of hours. so i decided to head over to the sf moma roof top garden
to have an absolutely lovely blue bottle cappuccino and just relax. this is one of my favorite getaways. as i was sipping away, i was trying to decided whether or not i was going to stop into one of the inforum commonwealth club events that was happening later on. i had a ticket and i was supremely curious about ms. violet blue who was moderating a panel on dating and sex in san francisco. it was my curiosity about ms. blue that made me interested in the event in the first place. i've been curious about her since she wrote this rather sniper-like (in a fascinating way) scathing comment directed at mr. bauer in september 2010. it seems that it doesn't take very long for various spheres to collide or overlap in san francisco. it is such a small town.

as i made my way through my cup of deliciousness, i decided why not? i already had a ticket. i was also very close to the venue. what could it hurt? maybe i could cover it for the blog. i've discussed inforum events here before.

so, after i finished my cappuccino i did a quick jaunt over to the commonwealth club and grabbed seat. now, fate has a very wicked sense of humor. there was this lady with a rather adorable aussie mix dog that showed up and asked if she could switch seats with me so that there would be more room for her dog. as i have a soft spot for dogs....i said "sure".

little did i know that innocuous moment would lead to something a wee bit more sinister.

then a few moments later, before the event officially started, one of the folks involved with the event asked everybody to look under their seat for a blue ticket. so i felt under my seat and pulled out a yellow ticket. odd. then i heard the guy at the microphone say "i mean a yellow ticket" and asked who in the crowd had a yellow ticket.

oh shit.

oh shit oh shit oh shit

i absolutely hate being the center of attention.

i mean, for work stuff...sure....i'll get up in front of a couple of hundred people prancing around on stage to do a presentation but that is soooooo different. that is for work. i had to do a hella lot of work and practice to get to point in my life where i could do that.

in my personal life however, i'm rather horrified at being the center of attention and try to avoid it as much as possible.

so imagine this dear reader.....i kind of half assed raised my hand....i can feel many curious pairs of eyes upon me.....then the announcer indicates that i've won a bag of goodies.....and guess what the goodies are?

the goodies are sex toys.

great. just great.

now, i have nothing against sex toys. none at all. sex and toys. really, lets be real here....what is not to like? yet, i just don't want a roomful of strangers to associate me, myself, and i.....with sex toys.

there was a small mercy though as the announcer indicated that the goodies could be picked up at the after party.

i could feel myself exhale in complete and utter relief.

i had absolutely no plans to go to the after party...especially since i still had that big presentation to finish. yet, it seemed quite unfortunate to let the toys go to waste. waste not want not. so while the panel was getting ready to begin, i turned to the gal beside me and asked her if she was going to the after party...she said she didn't know. yet, i was determined that someone was going to get the i turned to a rather rambunctious group of ladies and thought..."now they are definitely going to the after party" and offered them my winning ticket.

they seemed quite pleased when they accepted it.

with that task done, i felt like i could relax and turn my full attention to the panel. it was an interesting discussion. within a few minutes, i could see why many people are fans of violet blue. she has this infectious charming presence. she is also quite an articulate and witty gal.

once the talk was done, i scurried out of the event as quickly as possible as i knew that i needed to get back to work, but i'm glad that i decided to take the break.....goodie bag experience and all.

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