Thursday, April 14, 2011

sf chefs unite event: an intriguing line up for a great cause

i think there are times when i am extremely predictable. like the fact that this afternoon, after a slew of meetings and projects, i decide to take my break at humphry slocombe for some of their comforting decadently delicious artisan ice cream.

i was able to try the flamin rum raisin flavor today. yummy. just oh so yummy. as i did my predictable lust-filled photo shoot of their ice cream, i also thought about how excited i was that they (or rather the chef, jake godby) will be participating in the upcoming sf chefs unite event on may 7th and 8th.

this too, is another example of my predictability.

when i saw the line up for the sf chefs unite fundraiser for japan event via twitter, i thought "oh hell yeah, i'm going to that"....even before tickets were formally available. even linecook/richie knew that i would be attending....he was like "you are going right?" one of the days i ran into him at the sf ferry building farmers market.

of course.

as of the 14th of april, this is the current food and beverage line up for what promises to be a delicious event on the 7th or 8th of are available for either day:

chefs include...
chad newton of fk restaurants and hospitality
danny bowien of mission chinese food
richie nakano of hapa ramen
michael black of sebo
robbie lewis of bon appetit
jordan grosser of stag dining group
jake godby of humphry slocombe

adult beverages by....
scott baird + josh harris of bon vivants
jesse friedman of beer & nosh
erick ellestad of underhill lounge
alex fox of bar tartine
alex finberg of farina

basically, the plan is for there to be 6 courses and and there will be adult beverage pairings.100% of the proceeds will be going to northern japan earthquake relief fund from the japanese cultural & community center of northern california ( the price is $150 per person and it is all inclusive.

if you are interested in purchasing tickets or finding out more about it, visit:

i am very excited about attending this event. my date confirmed their availability so we obtained our tickets today....which is probably why it was so present in my mind as i made my way through the humphry slocombe ice cream.

those that read me, follow me on twitter, see my flickr pics, or follow me on the various social media outlets are well aware of how much i love the food from hapa ramen, humphry slocombe, and mission chinese food.

this has been very well documented.


i have also been extremely curious about michael black's food for quite a while...even to the point of considering getting the heart sister and AC a gift certificate from sebo for a present/date night....even though i haven't tried his food. i just have a feeling that it is probably pretty amazing and i think the heart sister and AC would like the food at sebo quite a bit as well.

i also remember hearing quite a bit about chad newton when he was at fish & farm....but never had a chance to try his food, and the one time i saw him (oddly enough) working the grill at the 4505 meats stand at the ferry building (prob because ryan farr was out of town), i thought "that soooo does not count as trying his food". also, nicole grant recently covered a stag dining meal at the bold italic .....and heck, richie retweets robbie lewis quite a those things got my curiosity going about them.

overall, i found the line up quite an intriguing mix of folks that create food that i already know that i adore....and those that i am distinctly curious about....all in one place and for a rather wonderful cause.

in this case, i don't think it is too horrible to be so predictable.

perhaps i'll see you there?

until later dear readers....



breanne said...

just wanted to say i love your blog. my favorite part is that you stay true to who you are.

foodie hunter said...

thanks much for the kind words breanne!