Monday, April 18, 2011

sneaky seduction

it started out like any other monday morning. nothing about the morning indicated that it would be anything different. i started the morning about 7ish, went through emails for a couple of hours, and decided that it was time for a breakfast snack. these days my breakfast snack consists of toasted acme bread (either a chunk or two of pain d'epi or the rustic baguette), a conserve/jam, and tea. i offhandedly decided to try tell tale preserve co.'s rangpur lime curd that i bought at the saturday market at the ferry building.

hmmm. little did i realize that it would become a sneaky seduction.....caught completely unaware....and half distracted by the work emails flowing through my inbox.

i poured myself some tea (mariage freres).....

which is always a lovely moment. i love the aroma.....especially that moment before i taste it. then i picked up the jar of rangpur lime curd......

and was intrigued by the detail of them even tying the burlap-like twine in specific kind of slip knot so that you could just pull it off. huh. interesting. no need for grabbing a pair of scissors. seemingly thoughtful yet efficient.

then there was the top of the jar. this too was a wee bit unexpected. by this point, i decided to take a real break and put the email on hold for a while.

the lid popped off quite easily with the back of my tiny spoon....

doesn't that look delicious? i could feel the taste buds shiver in anticipation. hmmmmmmm.

it really does taste as good as it looks. the instant explosion of tartness....that quickly travels from the tip of the tongue to the back.....and when you think that instant is over....the next sensation is more mellow sweetness. it was absolutely delicious and a wonderful accompaniment to the toasty acme bread.

had i known that it was going to be this good, i would have saved opening it for a more appropriate festive occasion that hints at a need for a sneaky seduction.

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