Sunday, May 22, 2011

bonjour mon cheri

i slept in quite deeply this morning.

i the time i wandered into my was still morning. technically.

i haven't slept in and lazed around in bed like that for ages and ages. it also made me feel a bit i slowly puttered around my kitchen, putting on some water for my tea....and thinking about what i would be snacking on this morning. as i scanned my kitchen counter, my eyes rested upon some cherries i bought at yesterday's farmers market at the ferry building.

waking up to the taste of fresh delicious cherries seemed like just the thing to underscore a rather decadent and rare sleep in day.

of course, i also had to take pictures as well.

i do adore cherries and the season is so brief here. as i was taking the pics....i had a feeling that my adoration would definitely come through.

i'm such a food nerd....i love taking pics of produce.

correction....i love taking pictures of produce fresh from the farmers market....when i am excited that i am about to eat it..or about to cook or make a dish with it.

while i was popping the the yummy cherries into my mouth...relishing the sweet and slightly tart flavors....and looking out my kitchen window...waiting for my water to warm up for my morning tea....i was thinking about the farmers market.

i don't see the farmers market at the ferry building in the same way anymore. this isn't a bad thing. it is just different. i'll probably be processing this for a while...until i can find the words to accurately and concisely describe what it is that is so different. i suppose that "guest spot" helping out in the hapa ramen stand is impacting me in ways that extend well beyond that one day.

for example, last week, while i was at a stand to buy some veggies, i thought it would be rude to not say hi to a particular person since we met and talked for a few moments while i was doing my "guest stint" at hapa ramen. normally, i don't say many things to the vendors as i'm antisocial like that.

i am always nice and polite though. always. but i don't chit chat.

yet, in this case, i felt rude to not acknowledge that i knew who they were and they seemed i said hi and then talked about how we met the former week at the hapa ramen stand as i was picking out veggies.

then to my absolute horror, they comped my veggies.

i kind of stood there a bit stupefied.

those that know me and that have read me on this blog know this is one of the reasons why i prefer to remain anonymous. i was horrified because i was wondering if they thought that the reason why i did the chit chat was because i wanted free stuff....which wasn't my intention at all. i thought i was being not rude and friendly.

i did not say anything because i wanted free stuff.

then i realized that they shifted their attention to an extremely well known chef who was picking up their order (i'm guessing for one of his well known restaurants).

yet, me and my awkward social self shifted from one foot to another....and i felt compelled to blurt out "but i don't work at the market. i was just helping out that day." in other words, "i'm-not-industry-and-don't-want-to-obtain-these-freebies-under-false-pretenses."

there are times when my morals outweigh my social awkwardness and this was one of them. there was no way that i was going to indirectly and unintentionally imply that i was industry. no freakin way. oh hell no.

i think they (both the vendor and the chef) were a bit bemused by the whole thing.

the vendor said, "really, it is ok. don't worry about it."

so i said, "well, thank you" and then left.

now, i've gotten comped veggies before....but that was different....that was as a regular customer at places and if they feel like throwing in a bundle or something new that they are trying to get out there, i don't think twice about it. it was different this time though. i didn't want them to think that i had alternative motives for chatting....just like i don't like food folks knowing that i blog...because i don't want them to think i'm doing some version of blackmail...or expect free handouts/preferential treatment....which is rather a notorious behavior for some folks that discuss food via social media.

i can almost see the eyeball rolling of certain homies....who have heard me discuss this before...and have countered with "you don't give off that vibe"....and my response to that is me stamping my foot like a stubborn kid and saying "BUT STILL!"

sooooo.....when i went to the farmers market yesterday, not only did i pick up these delicious cherries i'm making my way through this morning...i also went back to that same vendor. things were slightly busier and this time...i waited until i paid for all of my veggies....and then they handed me back my change before i brought up that we had met before. to be fair to the vendor, i had my contacts in yesterday and wasn't wearing sunglasses when speaking to them....which definitely made me look different. then they tried to give me back some money or offered up some other veggies but by these point i was well out of arms reach....i said "no, no, no,... i just wanted to say hi....this is why i waited until after i paid until i said something. all i really wanted was to say hi" with a grin. then we both laughed and they said that they were going to "tell on me" to a certain homie...which just made both of us laugh some more as i waved good bye.

this made me feel better. if i talk to is because i'm actually and sincerely interested in talking with you...not because i want you to give me something.

this is one unexpected outcome of working in the hapa ramen stand a couple of weeks ago. the other came in while i was eating my breakfast of a cheddar brat from 4505 meats at the market yesterday......

and just watching the food stalls at the market. while before, i would have said that i "saw" them as people....but i suppose it is a different sort of "seeing". i don't pretend to know what it is like to live that know what it is after day....or to see it from their "inside" everyday perspective.

i just noticed that i see them differently than i did before.

there were things i noticed yesterday that i would not have noticed before. certain industry folks come visit through makeshift side "entrances"...and how prevalent that really is....with food swapping, networking, is like hiding in plain sight.... or how there are the quick moments where they try to eat (or in some cases scarf) fellow vendors' food in between helping out with the clients....or how many of them are actually watching what is going on outside of their tent during a slower moment...even when at first glance.....they act like they aren't.

i suppose it is the beginning of more of an awareness of what is happening at the market......seemingly hiding in plain sight...or just noticing things i may not have even thought about noticing before.

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