Thursday, May 26, 2011

catching up with CK at hawker fare

my morning meetings ended earlier than usual. as a result, i thought i'd take a peaceful few minutes and sip on my hot chocolate....and nosh on one of tell tale preserve co's quite lovely coffee bourbon buns.

yes, folks, they are back in rotation.

i have a confession though. i originally picked up some buns (1 for me 3 for CK) from the tell tale preserve co. stand on tuesday so that i could give them to CK during our lunch on wed. yet, i forgot the buns at home. i didn't realize that i forgot them until i was about to enter BART at embarcadero station. gawddamit! while there wasn't enough time to go home and get them......the embarcadero station is right next to the ferry i was able to pop into the ferry building to grab some nduja instead from boccolone.

there wasn't any "occasion" or anything like that. i think those that know me personally, know that i just like to spontaneously show up with foodstuff. oftentimes, if i've tried something that i like quite a bit...and i know certain loved ones don't have immediate access to it or have time to visit a certain place, i'll bring it with me for them to try.

for example, i have completely lost count of how many bags of blue bottle coffee i have distributed as gifts to people across the globe...because...well, it is a lot. not to mention how many bags of 4505 meats chicharrones i've distributed to friends in the bay area and in the US. i've distributed many 'o many bags of those as well. also, it seems natural to show up with adult beverages for homies that are doing a pop up or something like that...something for them to enjoy and have a respite toward the end of service.

btw....when i do this, i'm not expecting anything in exchange/return. those that have known me for years and years are rather used to this quirky thing of mine. the reason why i do it is very simple. if i come across something and think "i bet so-and-so would like this" and i get it. that's about as complicated as it gets.

anyway, i was looking forward to having a casual lunch meal with CK. we decided that we were going to try hawker fare....which...i think is technically still in the soft launch phase. the last time CK + i met up, it was for coi. anytime you go to some place like coi...there is going to be a lot of mutual attention placed solely on the food and technique. i'm still thinking about that coi meal now. sigh. yet, there are times when it is nice to have a casual meal when it is more about connecting and catching up with your friend ....and good food underscores that experience. it is times like these that i remind myself that having work meetings around 6am-ish is a worthy trade off if it means that i have the flexibility to meet a loved one and catch up with them over lunch.

when CK and i arrived at hawker fare, we were quickly seated. we each ordered thai iced tea...

and split everything which included the siamese peanuts....

which i liked these quite a bit. they were seasoned with shrimp paste, chili flakes, and fennel. we also had the green papaya salad....

and split two "rice bowls" that was the issan sausage rice bowl with an fried egg as an "add on".....

and we split the pork belly rice bowl which i didn't take a picture of. overall, as hawker fare are just starting out...literally....i thought the food was hearty and good. the combinations are interesting. btw, i mean interesting in a good way. also, i don't know if they'll keep certain accents like the deep friend herbs as you can see in the issan rice bowl since it wasn't listed on the menu itself....but i liked accents like it provided complementary levels of flavor and texture. it was good to see that the place was hoppin as well. i hope it continues as i would definitely like to go back.

hawker fare - 2300 Webster St in Oakland,

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