Friday, May 6, 2011

fumble along

i'm getting ready to head to bed. big day tomorrow.

yet, before i head to bed....i wanted to wind down a bit. it has been a long day.

the day started early, about 5ish, which is pretty typical for a friday. i was able to take a break about 9 and make myself a rather decadent breakfast snack that consisted of dirty girl strawberries.....

toasted acme upstairs bread, and a chocolate hazelnut spread......

before the next meeting started. i suppose it was a way to find a bit of morning comfort. i was still feeling a bit uncertain if i overstepped myself ....when i asked someone to reach out to a mutual friend who is going through a challenging time. that last thing i wanted to do was make things more challenging. i was doing a lot of grumbling to myself while i was making myself the snack. i was saying things like "do, like, normal people worry about this stuff? or is it just awkward people like me? i bet normal people just automatically know what to do." jez.

sometimes the universe is a bit scary.

because when i got back to my desk, i noticed that my phone was blinking....and there was a text message from said friend. we were able to "talk" a bit and thankfully, they weren't angry at my rather meddlesome behavior. while i was relieved that they weren't angry at me.... i still know that they are in the midst of a challenging time and it will probably be challenging for a while.

after our "talk", i thought about it more....about the essence of support....whether it is someone i've known for decades or a relatively new friendship...... it really is about being fully present in that moment with your friend, actively listening, and letting them know that you care....isn't it? because i do care. perhaps, if i just keep that in will help me fumble along.

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