Monday, May 16, 2011

taken care of

i'm not gonna lie. it wasn't a great today today. the day started off pretty crappy about 6:30 and maintained a high level of crappiness. there are some things going down at work (but isn't there always?) that could have been different and better. i knew by the time 5ish came around, i was ready to leave my place and work for the day.

the heart sister + AC weren't able to come into the city because they weren't able to get a i planned to attend a lecture that i had obtained a ticket for over a month ago. when i obtained the ticket, i didn't realize that hapa ramen would have a pop up on the same day. yet, if AC and the heart sister were going to come to the city, i would...of course....see them instead. they were going to see if they could come into the city to attend the latest hapa ramen pop up at bar tartine. AC, in particular, had mentioned earlier that he really wanted to attend a hapa ramen pop up....likely because i have written about them so much in this blog and because his wife, my heart sister, enjoyed their food during our last visit. but alas, they weren't able to i thought i would go ahead and attend the lecture.

yet, when i was on muni, i made a last minute decision to not attend the lecture and go to the hapa ramen pop up by myself.


it really came down to a simple question.

what will make me feel better after an exceedingly trying day? attending a lecture related to sustainable business practices? or eating food from hapa ramen?

now when i look back on this...i wonder why there was even a decision process?

i think the fact that there was even a decision process tells you a lot dear reader about how out of sorts i was at the end of the day.

so instead of attending a lecture, i showed up at the hapa ramen pop up at bar tartine.....

that is pretty much the only decent pic that came out of the night. i was totally off my pic taking game. the food was delicious as always. while i love the slow cooked egg with the ramen....which i've eaten many o' many times at other brings the broth to another dimension as well as coats the noodles.....yet, this evening they were showcasing the egg differently as part of the prix fixe menu.

i tasted the slow cooked pasture raised egg with braised mushrooms and spiced yogurt. it was an incredibly sensual dish. this was also a dish that was a combination of technique, ingredients, textures, and flavors...that was both familiar (eggs + mushrooms) yet unique (the hint of spice with the subtle tang of the yogurt). it was deceptively simple. yet, not simple because the egg while listed on the menu as slow cooked....i suspect was cooked using sous vide technique and the braised mushrooms were minced. so when delving into this dish with your spoon....watching the soft burst of soft custard-like yolk form a soft wave over the mushrooms....each delicious taste was not the same. the braised mushrooms minced really allowed for the flavors to really carry further in the mouth and provide an additional succulent support in a refined way. sensual yet refined. sigh. i think if hapa ramen puts this on his menu when he decides to open up his restaurant....i think it will let folks understand how amazing slow cooked eggs can be.....and should be.

btw.....if i find out that someone is going to try to steal dish/idea of showcasing a slow cooked egg this way from the hapa ramen will be grounds for me to make an exception to the "do no harm" policy i usually adhere to on this blog. i totally get that eggs, mushrooms, and cream (such as creme fraiche) are not unusual pairings...however, the way they decided to do it this evening is not a usual combo.

fair warning.

also, another fave taste of the evening was susanna's meringue sweet. not only was it delicious (no surprises there)...but when i bit into kind of gushed forth over the tops of my finger tips...and i wasn't about to waste the deliciousness by using a i licked it off the fingers. the words that immediately came to mind were "messy and sexy".

i think if i meet a guy that cooks like susanna i'll be in some serious trouble.

anyway, in all semi-seriousness, i must admit that i also felt the full benefits of being homies with the hapa ramen crew this evening. i am not talking about the food btw. they put out great food no matter who it is for. remember...there was a few months when i ate a lot of their food when they had no idea who i was. just another person in line....wanting to eat their yummy food. i've also heard people that talk about their food (and have no idea that i am foodie hunter or that i even know them). what i mean by "full benefits" is that i think because i was by myself this evening, they took it upon themselves to check in quite often with me throughout the time i was there. i was incredibly nice of them to do so and i wasn't expecting this. the place was buzzing and i was perfectly happy with saying "hi" + "bye" with just enjoying the food and playing around with my ipad in between the "hi + bye".

while the food alone was enough to turn around what started off as a crappy was really quite lovely for them to make such i was looked after. so thank you very much my hapa ramen homies, for taking such good care of me this evening.

well, i'm off to bed. i'm going to sleep well tonight.


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