Tuesday, June 14, 2011

an affogatto with humphy slocombe ice cream at the summit

hmmmmm. my visiting the summit in the mission is becoming a regular thing these days. as i have mentioned previously, it allows me to be productive for work and be around people...while still allowing me to be my anti-social self. paradox? perhaps....or perhaps not.

while i've been here pretty often over the past few weeks, i'm usually not here post 8pm. the reason why this is key is that there is an affogatto that summit usually puts on their post 8pm dessert menu....and this affogatto features humphry slocombe's espresso balsamic ice cream....which is an exclusive to the summit.

i think we all know how much i adore humphry slocombe ice cream. yet, i kind of gave up on trying it as i had difficulty imagining myself dropping into the summit post 8pm.....and no, i'm not the kind of person that asks if i can have something off menu or not at the designated time. yet, today.....i saw that it was actually available this afternoon....well before 8pm.

so naturally, i ordered it.

it was pretty tasty and pretty potent (well for me anyway) caffeine-wise.

so, i'm pretty wired at the moment. this isn't necessarily a bad thing as i was able to zoom through quite a bit of research for a project i'm working on. yet, i'm about to shut down to meet up with a former mentor and SN for dinner at zero zero later, so we'll see how long i sustain being wired for....maybe a cocktail will help me mellow out a bit.

well, until later dear hearts....


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