Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a difference

i met up SN + a former mentor of mine for dinner tonight at zero zero. while SN and i hang out pretty regularly, i hadn't seen my former mentor for years and years. it was an odd twist of fate that had us hanging out...since a recruiter for my former mentor's company tried to tap both SN + myself for a role that reports to my former mentor. some industries are very small and a pool of talent that can do specific types of roles is pretty small as well....so despite me not doing that sort of work for quite some time, i really wasn't too surprised that i received a note from the recruiter. i indicated to the recruiter that i'm not in that particular line of work anymore and immediately sent a note to my former mentor....to give her the heads up that the recruiter contacted me and what my response was. some habits die hard. so emails back and forth turned into meeting up for cocktails and dinner this evening.

i remember my first interview with her so vividly. i had just finished my course work at UCB and was currently working at a publication where everyone was truly mean, awful, and super political. my boss at the publication quit on my first day on the job. i had three different bosses in a couple of weeks. i was promoted to work with the CEO because he liked the fact that i went to berkeley and how i dressed (i.e., smartly professional). it was THAT kind of place. there was no way i was going to stay at that job and when i had a chance to meet with my soon to be mentor, a senior editor at the time + at a real publisher, i studied like a crazy person for my interview.

i was so young. i was so intense. i was so angry. i was filled with so much fire + brimstone......intensely focused on building the life i knew i could have...on my own terms. i was like a horse at the start of a race...itching to breakdown the gate between me and the track....wanting to get started already......wanting so much to prove to the WORLD and myself...that i could make this happen for me.

well, she saw something in me that day, and i got the job.

it was a pivotal moment in my life.

then fast forward years and years later...and now we were eating pizza in SoMa. it was a wee bit surreal.

it was lovely to hang out over comfort foods of pizza, soft serve ice cream....and well....cocktails too. also, after dinner....as my former mentor and i walked to our respective public transportation spots.... i was able to have a chance to tell her in person how much i have learned from her and how what i learned from her...i still use now...and in every job i've had ever since i stopped working for her. i was able to tell her that my time with her has had a positive impact upon my life. i was able to tell her this....with a lot more wisdom and understanding of what it means to be a mentor.....what it means to coach someone holistically.....as a human being .....and being aware of someone's strengths, weaknesses, and trying to guide them in ways to enable them to excel at what they are good at and work on what they are not so good at.

i also now realize what a pain in the ass all of that work is as well.

hence, the reason why it was important to me to be able to tell her....that all of her work was not for naught....and that it made a difference for me....and in my life.

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