Tuesday, June 14, 2011


morning meetings are done. the uk-based folks have packed up for the evening. before i dive head-first into research for the next few hours, i thought i'd take a bit of a break. i'm sipping on my typical hot chocolate

which i have spiced with ground chilies this morning. the pics were from earlier....yet, the process is the same. as i sip through my chocolate, i'm thinking about a colleague that i'll call galahad. we used to be on the same team but aren't any longer. still work for the same company....yes....but no longer on the same team. as a result, our paths don't cross over as often. yet, he is still able to get away with things that most folks we work with are too frightened to even try. to be fair, other folks are right to be frightened as i wouldn't allow them to get away with a smidgen of what galahad is allowed to get away with.

galahad gets away with quite a bit actually. things like sending me emails with things like "are you up yet?"....remember, the uk-based folks are 8 hours ahead of me and he also knows very well that i am up and have been for quite some time. or how one of his nicknames for me is "mensa"....which he started calling me well before he knew that as a child, i literally was a card toting member of mensa. parental units really don't help the social standing of their children by putting them in mensa when they are like, i don't know, 10 years old. when galahad heard this story he just viewed it as affirmation and was very delighted with himself. of course he was.

the day i knighted him as "galahad" in my head was during one of the times we traveled together. i think we were in the states somewhere. certain airports get to be the same after a while. we were both standing in the security line. i was in front of him. yet, when it comes time to step up to tables to section out/organize our carry-on materials to get through security, galahad rushes in front of me to set up my plastic bins for me on the table.

it is kind of a modern day equivalent to putting his coat down in a puddle so that you can avoid getting your shoes dirty.

now, those that know me...know i have a few prideful personality quirks....as the deliciously wicked godfather pointed out in an uncharacteristically diplomatic manner...."you have a strong sense of independence".

this is a HUGE understatement.

so instead of saying some choice things about how i can take care of my own stuff, thank you....i kind of sucked it up when i realized that doing shit like that is just who galahad is.

he isn't doing it because he is expecting anything. he isn't doing it to be condescending. there aren't any motives behind it. he doesn't even think about it. hell, he doesn't even realize he's doing it. he does it because he's been with the same kick ass gal since he was 15 years old and has a daughter whom he adores with his rather ginormous heart. he and his spouse did not exactly grow up the most luxurious of circumstances and have worked extraordinary hard to overcome some rather huge class obstacles in the uk to be where they are now in their respective white-collar careers. yet, instead of being cynical.....he just genuinely likes people and thinks the best of them until proven otherwise.

galahad is so unlike me...i can't even begin to tell you how he is so unlike me.

yet, while we are so different, it doesn't keep me from appreciating those qualities...and perhaps....miss those qualities of his ...and him....now that we are no longer on the same team. i don't care what industry or job you're in....having colleagues around you that you can respect, depend on, and like being around...whether you are similar or not....makes a rather huge difference in the day-to-day interactions of your job.

i know certain folks have been rather flabbergasted at what galahad is able to get away with. they've never asked me anything directly about it....which is probably a good thing.....because my response would probably be something like "galahad has proven to be a quality human being."....which may also imply that they are not.

yes, i know i'm a total shit. i've never pretended to be otherwise. galahad i am not.

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