Friday, June 10, 2011

girl talk

back from dinner at chez papa. it is one of the places that i think of as being an established neighborhood restaurant in potero hill. i think the last time i had been there was when a dear friend was visiting from new york....ages and ages ago. yet, i remember that evening being filled with love and laughter amongst friends. fast forward to present day as i am looking through the pics of dinner this evening....

i'm thinking about friendships....both long lasting and relatively new.

there is something about connections and sharing with friends and loved ones without having to worry about sexual tensions that is rather glorious in its uncomplexity. there is no innuendo (well, no innuendo that actually goes anywhere anyway). there are no meta messages to worry about. there are no minefields to step lightly around as you seek not to inflict or be the cause of hurt feelings. these are the times when you can literally or figuratively prop your feet up and have some conversations that would make certain people squirm....

or have intense feisty discussions about what drives us....whether it be about food, politics, kids, education, writing, theatre, careers, passions, desires for the future....perhaps a combination of all....perhaps regrets about the past....about whatever comes to mind. yet no matter what the topic or combination of topics....knowing that when we talk to each is about care and support. it is about being safe. it is about being comfortable. it is about coming from a place of love and encouragement. it isn't about competition. it isn't about the group tearing you down so they can feel justify why they may be satisfied with being less than crabs in a barrel.

i found as a young'un, i had little or no tolerance for those that seek to keep others down...or tear them down.....or keep them in boxes...when folks are doing different, great, or frighteningly amazing things. admittedly, my stubborn stance led to some rather isolating moments in pre-adolescence and is probably where i truly began to cultivate my "well-fuck-you-and-the-horse-you-rode-on" demeanor. well......or maybe i was just born with that wee bit of attitude.


methinks it is rather worked out well.

i find that i'm pretty lucky to be surrounded by, know, and getting to know passionate driven people who have strove to create their own paths...and no one...especially the mediocre shitty people trying to hurt them....will keep them down.

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