Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a good time at upper playground and wing wings in the lower haight

i arrived to the lower haight earlier than expected. i was still awaiting a text message from my date regarding when they'd be on their way via muni to meet i took an opportunity to head into upper playground to do some browsing. i do love this store. i remember grinning to myself the last time i was in london and saw that they have an outpost there. it was like seeing a bit of home in london. i was also definitely smiling to myself this evening as i was looking through the various designs. i was seriously considering getting a couple of things for my god daughter...but the sizes for the kiddies in the couple of designs i liked looked a bit small for her. yes, i'm that kind of godmother that buys her godkids t-shirts from upper playground and threadless. it is one of the perks of being a godmother...i get to buy them random things. one of the friendly guys that worked there let me know that they should be getting more designs and such for the kiddies over the next couple of months, so i'll go back and see what else they'll put in stock. it is never difficult to find something i like in this store. i really wasn't there that long before i ended up picking out a couple of comfy hoodies. as the friendly guy was ringing me up, we ended up talking about wing wings....which is the new chicken wing place that is about a block away from upper playground. wing wings was the reason why i was actually in the lower haight this evening. this is one of the things i love about sf. here i was in a store having a conversation about food with a friendly stranger and it was all perfectly normal. sf is such a food obsessed town. the upper playground guy recommended the jerk chicken, biscuits, and potato salad in i made a mental note to try those out.

i have to admit that those were some good recs. the jerk was among my faves and i am a fan of the biscuits as well.

admittedly, my date and i kind of went crazy with our order. we originally got them to go because we weren't sure if we were going to get a seat.

we ordered the wing wings (soy sauce-based with a hint of chili and the top image), the jerk....

the spicy korean.....

the orange miso.....

the sweet mustard....

2 biscuits, a small potato salad, and a small order of plantains.

there is just so much flavor going on with the different wings. we had a good time diving into the different boxes and trying them all. also, since we were able to snag seats inside after all.....we were also privy to listening to the front of the house folks. the guy that was on duty interacting with the customers was rather adorable with his sincere descriptions of the flavors and banter with the constant and steady stream of customers. interestingly enough, the customers we were around were super friendly as well. there were a couple of guys next to us that also had quite a spread that included chicken salad on biscuits (which looked rather fascinating)....and they actually offered a bite to us when they saw us checking it out! isn't that so nice? we were too stuffed by that point to take them up on their offer but it was cool that they offered it up like that. then as we were leaving, another customer asked if we left behind our drink (it wasn't ours)...but wasn't that nice of them to ask? sometimes it can be too easy to become cynical about living in the city...but then tonight is a good example of how friendly the city can be.

as we made our way to our muni stop, i kind of felt like i was holding my belly separately from my body. i was (and still am actually) stuffed from all of the food. i was also just thinking about how nice all of these random people were.

if you are in the lower haight, i definitely recommend that you stop into upper playground and wing wings. i know that i will when i am in the neighborhood...and maybe i'll see you there.

upper playground, 220 Fillmore Street (cross street - haight), sf,ca, 94117, +1 415 861 1960,

wing wings, 422 haight street, sf, ca, 94117, +1 415 834 5001,

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