Monday, June 20, 2011

guess who's coming?

the other night i met up with a group of loved ones to have dinner at commonwealth. SW booked our reservations well in in april i think....and i had been looking forward to it for some time. my deliciously wicked godfather asked if i had already scrutinized the menu ahead of time. my response "nope, i have a feeling that i'm pretty much going to like what is on the menu". it is true...i didn't check out the menu ahead of time and when we sat down...ordering became quite easy because we all did the chef tasting menu. i did swap out the trout tartare for the spring pea and yuba dish from the a la carte menu...because...well....admittedly i haven't had yuba before and have been curious about it for some time. i'm glad that i did because it ended up being my favorite dish of the evening and i have a feeling that i will stopping of at hodo soy in the ferry building to pick up some yuba. our adorable server was attentive and on point which also complemented the lovely evening. i also have to give any server that knows how to work around the godfather + DB major props. supremely major props. they have been known to be a handful.

it was also lovely to have a chance to catch up with everyone and see what was going on in each others lives over the meal. the topic of the upcoming rye whiskey tasting party came up and the deliciously wicked godfather went through a roll call of a few of my close friends to see who would be attending. also, because he hasn't read this blog for about a year or was interesting trying to explain how there will be some food industry people attending.....among a small handful of industry people that actually know the face and person behind the "foodie hunter" virtual identity. of course, he immediately zoned in on the fact that i actually came out of the "blogger closet" with these said people and realized exactly what this means. it means that i like and respect them....which is not a small thing in the foodie hunter sphere. not a small thing at all considering what a curmudgeon i am. given the deliciously wicked godfather's rather insane work schedule and his preference for drinks other than whiskey, i really wasn't expecting him to attend.

i reiterated to the godfather that the party isn't going to be "lets get drunk" kind of party. i wanted to have an opportunity for a group of friends to get together to taste some different rye whiskeys without any preconceived notions of what rye whiskey "should" taste like. i want the event to be like a rules....people try what they want...or make random cocktails of what they want....and it be in a very informal environment. a safe environment to say whatever they think. also, there will actually be quite a few folks that won't be getting near the whiskey for multiple reasons. as a result, not only have i been acquiring things like whiskey over the past few weeks, i've also been acquiring june taylor fruit syrups as well....

which will enable folks to make their own sparkling sodas or random experimental rye whiskey cocktails with the syrups. i also plan on having some beer and wine on hand.

well after a few well chosen questions on his part, it looks like he's going to try to make it. this will be interesting. it is basically like introducing my dad to my new friends. sigh. it makes sense though that he'd want to do his own vetting process. he and DB are protective and have taken care of me after some rather traumatic events the past few years....and this is what it means to be adopted by men with very large senses of curiosity and protectiveness. yet, i wouldn't have it any other way.

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