Thursday, June 23, 2011

memories 'n transitions

after my early morning meetings were done, i caught muni down to the ferry building as i wanted to have a chance to say good bye to a member of the hapa ramen crew before she leaves SF. i haven't written about her before....well...because i am very sensitive about folks' privacy. i like her quite a bit. she reminds me of a pagan goddess in many ways.....she has this earthy womanly sensuality within a very calm demeanor and sometimes she'll have this mona lisa like smile while watching everyone. there is a lot going on behind that smile. a lot. so i wanted to have a chance to say good bye and give a "going away" present....

as she seemed to like some of the accessories that i have worn and mentioned that she was experimenting with a more feminine look. so i went to the most feminine boutique in sf that i could think of to buy the earrings. this is why i was in the haight yesterday and why i had a chance to try the wing wings chicken salad on a both are in the haight. ambiance = uber feminine in all possible incantations....from boho, girly, modern, etc. etc. . i think the earrings are appropriate as they are feminine and there is more than beats the eye (i.e., the bird engraving is something that only the wearer knows is there as the roses face front).

it was nice also to have a chance to say good bye to the goddess as she transitions to her next fabulous adventure and chat with some of the hapa ramen folks before things got really busy at the market. i also resisted the temptation to dive into a pot of the delicious smelling porky broth...or to sneakily nab a hunk of freshly fried chicken that is an add option to the ramen. the reason why i resisted the strong temptations is because i wanted to stop into hodo soy beanery to pick up some silken tofu and yuba.

ever since the night out with loved ones at commonwealth last week when i had that lovely spring pea and yuba dish...i've been feeling this internal craving to try to make something with it. it was like the yuba was putting out this siren call and i was a hapless sailor. i often feel this way about certain ingredients. they call.....and i step up to answer.

i was so excited when i got home as it meant i could play with the yuba.

i'm such a nerd.

the texture is very thin yet surprising resilient. i cut off a bit to try "as is". hmmmm. very good...just "as is". i love how it just when one is cutting fresh pasta.

i just love how it looks...period. isn't it beautiful?

i pretty much knew that i wanted to make a sort of salad with the i dug around in my fridge to see what else i could make a salad with.

i pulled out some arrowhead cabbage (dirty girl of my favorite things from them) and some radishes from marin roots (another staple and ongoing snack treat i like to have).

as i was cutting up the slices of cabbage, again i was thinking about how beautiful the cabbage is...with the color and all of the nooks, crannies, and crevices.

as i was taking the pics, i was thinking about how sometimes how difficult it is to relay why i love to cook so much....and communicating to others just how thinking about making and eating this random dish of contrasting textures was making me hum with happiness.

also, in a random moment, the combination of the color of the radishes and the cabbage reminded me of a dish that i had at one of the hapa ramen pop ups...where they did a dish with cabbage and pickled radishes (they do their own of course) which was truly lovely. i really do encourage folks to try the hapa ramen pop ups....because it allows folks to see some of range of food that they offer which isn't available from other folks that have entered the ramen space recently. isn't food memory funny that way? how my creating a new experience....experimenting with yuba....and randomly adding cabbage and radishes reminds me of other lovely tastes and moments in time.

after i finished prepping the yuba and cabbage....i created a dressing of seasoned rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, ground chilies, and japanese mayo....

whisked it around a bit...tasted it....added a bit of salt and black pepper.....and then placed the yuba strips in first to toss.....

then the cabbage.....

then plated it with some of the radishes from marin roots farms.

i enjoyed this dish quite a bit. it was relatively simple and not at the same time. it was a spicy dish filled with all sort of textures.

it think it was appropriate to what's on my mind....thinking about memories...and taking those memories forward during transitions....and creating new experiences that may be different....but still just as lovely.

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