Saturday, June 4, 2011

my first home

i have this presentation tuesday. i really should be working on it right now. it seemed serendipitous that the forecast was for rain this i really thought my plans would be me, myself, and my machine as i worked on my presentation.

instead, not only did i do my usual stint at the sf ferry building farmers market...but this time i also hung out....bugging + watching the hapa ramen folks in general.....
.finalizing some porchlight plans with susanna....drinking my cappuccino....trying to keep relatively dry in the well as being horrified that i short changed victor (i really am quite sorry about that). then...about an hour later, when i arrived home i was doing some set up for some work stuff.....and the sun came out! huh? what presentation? i saw as an opportunity to go on my third round of rye whiskey gathering instead of working on my presentation.

you see, i'm planning on having a rye whiskey tasting at my place. yet, i've been spacing out the purchases over the past few weeks due to wanting to spread out the cost. i knew that if i could do my third round of acquisition today, i could remove that from my personal "to do" list. this is an example of how incredibly anal i can be. it was really bothering me that i hadn't settled on the bottles for the tasting. also, when one doesn't have a car and has limited amount of weight that one can carry, breaking out the acquisition trips into 3 separate trips also makes a whole lot of sense.

that's a whole lot of whiskey, isn't it?

somehow....i get a feeling...that i won't be having leftovers after the party.

just a feeling.

did i start up on my presentation after completing the rye whiskey acquisition stage of my upcoming tasting?


i decided to make a manhattan for the first time....which is what i am sipping on right now. i'm so buzzed at this moment. really and truly.

anyway, so i used a recipe from an article that eric asimov wrote in july 16th 2010....a recipe from abc kitchen for rye manhattan.... as a base. the name of the article is "cocktail recipe: abc kitchen rye whiskey manhattan". after modifying his recipe, this is what i used which i will be printing out for my guests for my tasting party (see! this is more research! fun research!).

1.5 oz of rye whiskey (i used bulliet rye...because i already have a bottle open....well before i went on my acquisition kick).....

.75 oz of carpano antica vermouth..... and a couple of dashes of fee brothers old fashioned bitters....

1 teaspoon of the syrup that comes with the amarena cherries ......

ice.....and stir.....

then pour into a glass ...

then add a couple of amarena cherrie and voila...

the foodie hunter makes her first manhattan at home.

i suppose it is time to delve back into this presentation. sigh. as i will be hitting up porchlight on monday night, i really need to get this done before then. at least i'll have my some of my "rye research" for me to sip on while i work on it.

until later dear hearts.


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