Thursday, June 30, 2011


i'm running on a few hours of sleep and quite a bit of caffeine over the past couple of days. lots to get done before my "vacation". i have a feeling that there will still be a couple of things that i'll need to do for the team this weekend but that is what it means when one works for a company that isn't headquartered in the states. holidays, aren't exactly aligned around the world. yet, a definite benefit of my current gig is that i'm able to seek out different works spots throughout the city. as the sfmoma is open later on thursdays, the rooftop garden is quickly becoming a "go to" place for me.

i'm able to get an amazing amount done while noshing on a blue bottle coffee + humphry slocombe secret breakfast affogato.

i think i may seriously be addicted to these things.

my weaknesses in a cup.

yet, a weakness that allows me to be amazingly productive and pound away at my computer keyboard at a lightening pace.

my life, however, is not always work. well, perhaps different sorts of work. some "work" doesn't feel like "work" writing and taking pictures for the blog....or how some work-like activity feels more like helping out a friend and not work. at this moment, i'm feeling like i'm leading separate lives. or it could be that i'm feeling punchy from the extensive amounts of caffeine i've been putting in my body recently and the lack of sleep.

yet, as i wind down for the night, i'm laughing to myself as i'm reminded of an inside joke i shared with someone today.

i guess i'm really good at packing up a tent.

he is probably good at it as well....or well, he should be.

this is one of the moments when i am going to exercise my right to write whatever i want on this blog.

because it is my blog.

nite all.


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