Wednesday, June 29, 2011

quick break from late night at work

taking a break from work at the moment. last night and today/tonight have been work evenings as there are things i need to get taken care of before tomorrow afternoon. i actually haven't left my apartment today. now that feels a bit odd....but i'll make up for it tomorrow.

one of the snacks i made for myself was a wee bit of further experimentation with yuba. nothing supremely complicated but still very yummy. the ingredients were simple......hodo soy yuba sliced into ribbons tossed with roasted sesame oil, broad bean soy sauce (which you can get at nijiya btw...i did), fish sauce, and chili garlic paste...

yup. pretty simple. i'm really liking hodo soy yuba quite a bit. i have a feeling that i'll be at the ferry building tomorrow and will pick some more up.

well, quick break over for now.

must get back to work.

until later.....


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