Sunday, June 26, 2011

raspberry sugar bun from tell tale preserve co

one of my favorite sweets (admittedly there are quite a lot of sweets that are in my fave category) is tell tale preserve's maple bourbon bun. oftentimes when i stop by their stand at the ferry building on tuesdays or saturdays, i peer into their clear case to see if the bun is available and if not, i'll end up picking up some pate de fruit, a macarron, or one of their preserves. i don't consider these to be "consolation prizes" is more that i'm rather obsessed with that particular bun. this past saturday, i was much later to the market than i normally am. i hit up my usual spots while trying to dodge the large hordes of people. tell tale is usually my last stop of my market visit, as i'll be chilling out in front of the market with my blue bottle coffee and a sweet....observing and appreciating the flow of the market without actually having to be in it...being able to appreciate the market on a different level once i'm done with my shopping and not having to side step folks who aren't there to buy but are there to purely gawk.

you, me, and they know exactly who they are.

alas, tell tale didn't have the maple bourbon bun when i visited their stand but they did have a valrhona bun and a raspberry sugar bun.

i suppose that i must confess that when i go for sweets, i usually don't go for chocolate confections. please understand...i love in hot chocolate (ummm. quite obvious to those that read my blog)...a piece of good quality dark chocolate...or a chocolate bon bon. yet, when it comes to chocolate-oriented sweets like pastries, ice cream, fudge, etc. etc. it isn't the first thing that i'll go for. it isn't that i don't like just isn't my preference. my preferance for desserts are often fruit or cream (i.e., ice cream or custard) based. there are many loved ones that think this quirk of mine is truly and utterly odd.

now that i think back on that moment of choice...i probably would have liked the valrhona bun...because i really enjoy what tell tale puts out. yet, as i was at the market during a chaotic time and wanted to make a split second decision, i'm going to go for the non-chocolate option. so i went for raspberry sugar bun....

which i enjoyed quite a bit. i loved the intense raspberry flavor paired with the sweet sugar glaze and the roll-bread-like bun (i.e., not overly sweet). the top was smushed slightly and that was totally my fault. i wasn't able to be as careful with my bag of goodness while dodging people to get to the front of the ferry building and trying to balance my load with cherries, strawberries (dirty girl), carrots (star route), mixed mint fruit syrup (june taylor), acme bread, and stuff from hodo soy. just wanted to point that out as tell tale preserve's desserts are quite lovely to look at in addition to being tasty.

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