Wednesday, June 8, 2011

recap + dinner at radius

the past few days have gone by so quickly.

it is difficult to believe that it is already wednesday evening. methinks the last few days (and my lack of sleep) finally caught up with me this afternoon as i went to bed for a "nap" and woke quite a few hours later. it was the sort of sleep where one doesn't wake up fresh....but still a wee bit tired. i have a feeling that i'll be crawling back into bed very shortly. yet before i head back to bed, i wanted to write a bit about the past few days.

sunday was pretty much a work day. as i knew that i would be going to porchlight with some folks to see and support richie/linecook during his appearance on monday night, i knew that i needed to get some things done ahead of time for a presentation that i was due to give on tuesday. so the work on sunday, combined with my progress on monday enabled me to to go to porchlight without worrying about my tuesday presentation. it was all worth it of course. i had a lovely time just hanging out with homies in the mission (making stops at summit and at flour + water) before listening to some stories at porchlight.

ideally, it would have been nice if the evening ended there....but when i arrived home, there were work situations that arose that needed attending. one of the challenges of working for the corporate office of an international company where everyone is that there seems to be always someone working in some time zone somewhere. so it was about 2ish or so before i went to "bed", had a nap, and then it all started up again. yet, various work politics tempered down before i met up with susanna at the kitchen after work was complete for both of us. we had plans to hit up radius for dinner and i was definitely looking forward to having a chance to wind down from the previous 16 hours or so.

when we arrived at radius, we went to the cafe portion first. we grabbed our beverages and sat in the outside patio connected to the cafe. it was nice to sit outside for a bit before a friendly member of the staff let us know that folks were ready for us to be seated in the restaurant portion. the restaurant is actually quite a bit larger than it seems from the outside. through a collaborative decision process, susanna and i took our seats at the bar...and began our evening adventure.

i'm not sure if it was serendipity or what, but our "bartender" and person that truly looked after us throughout the evening was the owner. he truly looked after us....answering our questions, making recommendations, checking in on us...yet not hovering at all. the combination of my almost tearing up with laughter at some of susanna's animated antics (i think you have to be dead to not like susanna), being looked after with such kind service by the bartender/owner, and the was rather amazing how i could feel the tensions that had built up from work within me dissolve. susanna and i ate a lot of food. we split everything. we are good eaters. why should i lie about that? the plates were returned back to the kitchen some cases...licked clean...which i think amused the owner on a couple of occasions.

we started with an amuse that included a carrot mousse....

then our starters included an apple and celeriac soup....

and the baby lola rosa salad....that included shaved fennel, apple, radish, and ricotta salata.....

then our main dishes were the "pork duo" which was pork tenderloin and pork belly with greens, beans, and pickled shiitakes......

and the "half fried" chicken......

and we ended the food portion of the meal with the lemon curd tart with a praline lining, candied almonds, and a meringue.....

and a raspberry chocolate confection....

we also lingered over our syrah as well as port. by the time we caught muni to head toward our prospective homes, we had been at radius for about 3 hours. it was surreal that we were at the bar for that long....eating....sipping....and chatting. it definitely didn't feel that long. i'm glad that we were at the bar though. i think i would have had some serious guilt if we took up a table for that amount of time.

well, i think i really need to crawl back into bed and get some sleep before my usual rounds of early morning thursday meetings.

until later dear hearts,


1123 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94103-3931
(415) 525-3676

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