Tuesday, June 28, 2011

reflections post ambush

frankly, i'm surprised that i held off as long as i did to make a cocktail.

i saw ms.tablehopper retweet via twitter a vermouth cocktail recipe including carpano antica, rocks + muddled orange. this kind of stuck in my head and was the starter inspiration for the cocktail i made this evening....which included some spicy strawberry compote i made a couple of days ago (dirty girl strawberries, maple syrup, and dried ancho peppers from tierra vegetables)......

carpano antica, yuzu peel, fee brothers old fashioned bitters, and a bit of sparkling water.

i didn't know all of the ingredients when is started to make this cocktail....thinking about the day. i just kind of added things here and there....tasting along the way.....until i had a mixture of flavors that i was good with. if i had to do it again, i'd probably add some yuzu juice....or if i had it on hand...fresh citrus juice and not include the bitters....since there is actually a wee bit of bitterness from the ancho peppers that i didn't realize would be further emphasized with the vermouth and bitters. not in a bad way....just in a...that is definitely a slightly bitter pepper flavor finish.

so, here i am. sipping on my vermouth cocktail...thinking about the day. the presentation/ambush happened this morning. moves were put forth and countered. the chump firmly in his place....for now. i'm going to have to keep an eye on that one.

yes, i'm already planning strategies on how to thwart the chump's future moves and efforts. yes, this is how my brain works.

sometimes i think this is a good thing. sometimes i think this is a not so good thing.

right now, i'm in the i don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

while i am glad that i stood up against the maneuvering and who essentially, tried to bully and intimidate me....and must admit that i was more than a wee bit gleeful as i watched his backing amongst his team wither and die once they realized what was going on.....before he did. i don't exactly feel good about having played the game....where everyone comes with cheshire grins, sharpened knives, and ill intentions.

once it was over, i was able to meet up with the heart sister for a quick bite at il cane rosso before she got on the ferry. i was also able to say a quick "hey" to some of the hapa ramen folks ......like.... susanna before she heads over to do this rather cool event about local hawaii cusine in socal for a few days (which i look forward to hearing more about when she gets back), begin poking victor about how his stage in chicago went (which i wasn't able to finish my interrogation about that btw.....so he will be getting more nosiness from me in the very near future), checking in with mrs hapa ramen about the next gal's night, and sharing snickers with richie et al over the latest thing on his iphone.

during this time, i didn't mention the ambush to anyone.

i don't know why.

actually, perhaps that is a lie....i do know why. i think it was because i didn't want to taint positive aspects of my life. it was good to have a reminder that there are people in this world that i actually care for, like, and respect.

it helped me return to work and get through the rest of my work day. yet, now that the work day is over, i'm sitting here...decompressing with my cocktail and dealing with the implications of what it means to do things that carry taint. i think i'll take my cocktail and go have a hot bath. while it won't remove the taint, no amount of hot water and booze is going to do that.....it may make accepting responsibility a wee bit easier.

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