Thursday, June 9, 2011

remembering snippets over trifle

well, i'm done with work for the day. i'm unwinding a bit and noshing on some of susanna's chocolate mint trifle that was available at the hapa ramen stand at the sf ferry building today.

mrs. hapa ramen actually offered it up as they were closing up and packing up the stand. i have a feeling that susanna doesn't even know that i have some. i arrived at the market about 1:45pm-ish just to quickly pick up a couple of things from the market, check-in with mrs. hapa ramen + susanna re: some upcoming plans at different times, think "awww" as victor was going to show a young male fan a couple of tricks (i.e., via skateboard), and snicker at certain folks' successful avoidance at seeing the hairy belly of-someone-who-shall-remain-nameless-but-is-rather-famous.

i'm always curious about the latest sweet or savory concoctions that susanna has made up so i wasn't about to refuse mrs.hapa ramen's offering up of the trifle as they were packing up the stand. as i am eating it now, it is quite tasty. it is remarkably lighter than many trifles i've had previously. i don't consider this a bad thing, i consider this a good thing. as i am making my way through portion of the trifle, i'm thinking that this is something that the heart sister would like quite a bit. she has a cake fetish.

while i was eating this, i was also thinking how much things have changed over the past year between me and the hapa ramen folks. last year, i was still getting scolding tweets from richie/linecook about not introducing myself but still felt perfectly comfortable taking pictures of his food.

in my defense, i am such a stubborn shit about stuff like that...for many reasons...including 1) i am socially awkward 2) i avoid industry people 3) i kept thinking why would someone in the industry (esp. someone rather infamous) be interested in meeting me? 4) i am not a groupie. i hate groupies. 5) i am not a fan of food bloggers that try to leverage their position to angle for free food and didn't want him to think i was "angling" for anything.... i just liked his writing and his food and had no expectations or sense of entitlement re: meeting or knowing him...why would i? or should i?.... all these things resulted in me just remaining anonymous.

i probably annoyed him for a while....he's never said anythings specific to me about it...but i now that i know him a wee bit better, it probably did bug him that this anonymous person kept taking pictures of his food for, like months, and not say anything to him. i'm shaking my head and chuckling to myself right now. i really am quite sorry homie... for all of the stuff you've had to deal w/regarding my social awkwardness but am glad that you did. i do appreciate it.

because if he hadn't, i'd have missed out on some really lovely having snicker-giggle-cackle fests at some of susuanna's antics (i.e., she really knows how to get a fireman to smile in appreciation when he is in his truck on his way to a fire. OMFG.), the opportunity to have a sneak peek at what it is like to work at the market or during a street food experience, the chance to observe victor getting ready to do some things that will be pivotal for a young cook, or something as simple as a mellow hanging out on the front porch of flour + water...sipping on wine.

truly lovely snippets and moments.

i think life has so much drama and challenges....even when we do not seek them out. as a result, i find it is good for me to take stock...and remember the lovely moments that help make the not-so-lovely moments more bearable.

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