Tuesday, June 21, 2011

simple break

my morning meetings were quite a fascinating today. i don't mean this in a good way.

i'm processing and more processing.

i'm taking a quick break as i may my way through an unusual brunch at home for me. i was over at a friend's house a couple of weeks ago when she was hosting a gal's night around a dance show that she likes quite a bit and she cooked bacon in the oven. i had never done that before, so i tried that out today.

i'm always looking for ways for things to cook while i'm working. so i bought some bacon to try this out and had my super crispy (this is how i prefer my american bacon...i know...i know)....added a few dashes nanami togarashi (i love how CK gave me a bottle of this...she must have been psychic to realize that this is a staple in my kitchen) and had the spiced baked bacon with some rice, a fried egg, and braised greens.

the rice and greens are things i always have in my fridge and are often featured in various meals i make for myself. the bacon is quite unusual. i actually don't cook a lot of meat at home. i may get some nduja, boccolone salumi, or 4505 meats sausage to use as an accent on pasta or something like that....as a treat every once in a while....but most of the time, i don't prepare it at home.

most of my meals at home over the past week or so have looked like this....been based on pot of braised lentils i made with carrots. i made the pot of lentils to have with rice and braised kale.....

then later, i added more "curry" like spices such as tumeric, chilies, cumin seeds, etc...and then have it with some paneer....

or have it another time where i browned the paneer w/ghee + whole cumin seeds first....and added a wee bit of the lentils with a bunch of braised kale....

then i'll also be snacking on star route carrots and radishes from marin roots throughout the day. his is more along the lines of how i eat at home.

yes, i know i haven't said anything about what i'm processing from my morning meetings or anything like that. i think i just needed a few moments to get away from it all....make myself a simple yet hearty meal...and look at some pics of simple food. later on.....i think i may also pop out to grab a present for someone that will be making her departure from the city on friday....that will be a nice break and walk as well. yet, for now...back to the grind.

until later dear hearts....


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