Sunday, June 19, 2011

the stone heart

when a loved one and i were hanging out the other day, it was a mellow and lovely time. i introduced them to my latest favorite thing....having an affogatto at the blue bottle cafe on the sfmoma rooftop. it is a shot of blue bottle espresso on top of humphry slocombe's secret breakfast ice cream. for those that have read me for some time....we all know how much i love blue bottle coffee....and how much i adore humphry slocombe ice it was a pairing that creates a feeling of bliss inside of me as i savor each taste. the loved one seemed to enjoy it as we were both devoured our tumbler glasses filled with such goodness while relaxing on the sfmoma rooftop garden.

after we had a mellow time hanging out, i was curious about a package they had given me earlier and asked that i open later.

the gift was completely unexpected. there was also a lovely letter that came with the card and necklace.

the mellow hanging out, the heart, and the words of wisdom within the letter reminded me...once fortunate i am.

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