Wednesday, June 22, 2011

two random food moments today

i'm winding down for the evening and wanted to share a couple of random (but good) food moments i had today. in preparation for the upcoming party, i'm thinking of having some homemade fruit syrups on hand for folks to use with cocktails and flavored sparkling sodas and have been doing a wee bit of experimenting. what is lovely about experimenting is that i can eat the results and by products. i really just use the same ingredients as when i make my homemade quick conserves....but the ratio from liquid to fruit is more....and i cook it slower as i'm not as concerned about making it super concentrated quickly. it was pretty simple as i just used organic blueberries, marshall farms honey, and water......this is what i mean by more "liquidy" than if i was making a homemade conserve......

also, i did think about pureeing the fruit in the syrup and then straining it....i decided to use the berries as a topping for yogurt (and perhaps porridge later on) instead.

yet, i stored the idea of the pureeing/straining as a possibility for the party. the blueberry is a "maybe" option for the party. speaking of maybe .....maybe i should add some citrus or citrus peel to it...make it a tart sweet blueberry.....or have the citrus accent....hmmmm....this is what i mean by experimenting. so far the strongest contender right now would be for me to make a spicy honeyed strawberry syrup (i.e., dirty girl strawberries, marshall farms honey, tierra chilies, and water).

this fun with blueberries was random food moment number 1 of the day.

random food moment number 2 was a quick stop into wing i just had to fulfill my curiosity about the chicken salad on the biscuit. i was still thinking about it when those nice customers offered us a bite of theirs last week. i'm glad that i came back to try it....because i like their take on it....quite a bit....

what you can't see from the picture is that they use a swipe of what looks and tastes like (well to me anyway) their jerk sauce on the you get this nice hit of bite with the chicken salad + biscuit. i remember taking a chomp out of it and thinking "what is that oh so familiar flavor? that nice bite?" and then when i saw the greenish sauce oozing out...while the garlickyness was rolling around the mouth....i thought...hey! that looks like their jerk sauce. that's pretty cool. not only is that a pretty efficient way to make use of your ingredients but also a nice way to add a kick and another dimension to the chicken salad.

well, those are my two random food moments. i better get some sleep as i have a some early morning meetings tomorrow.

until later.....

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