Sunday, June 26, 2011

why not?

most of you that have been with me since the beginning of the blog realize that most of the time when i'm making myself meals or snacks in between working, i come up with the most random things to try based on what i have on hand. this was the case with a couple of berry and tofu experiments recently.

pretty much every year it is about this time where i have homemade compotes and conserves on hand all of the time. with the strawberries, cherries, blueberries, plucots, plums, peaches, etc. not only do i enjoy these fresh....but i also ensure that i use every bit with making compotes and/or conserves as well. one of the compotes i made earlier consisted of cherries, maple syrup, and dried paper lantern chilies (tierra vegetables)...

and since i had purchased silken tofu and yuba from hodo soy....i thought why not? why not try it?

these sort of things usually arise because i'm looking in at what is my fridge at that moment.

now, silken tofu and a fruit topping doesn't seem like that much of a stretch to me.

it was about a day later when i looked at the yuba and thought...i wonder how that would go with something a compote? typically, when i have an ingredient that i've never worked with before, i like to try doing random things with it....because for is why not? why not try it?

so i did. i actually liked it. i did think something was missing though. i'm not sure what it was...but something was. perhaps something with a green a mint chiffonade....or perhaps it may have been cool to do a homemade silken sweet tofu custard...sitting on top of sweet marinaded yuba (with berries or citrus)....then have the compote on top of the custard....a three layered approach with multiple textures/flavors. sigh. dear reader, i think you know what i mean when you get a feeling that something may work...if you added something else to round it out...or complement it more. i liked the different textures. i liked the sweet and almost savory aspect to it. i liked the novelty of eating it with my chopsticks. i think this is something i may play with and think about for a while. i have a feeling that yuba has a potential to be a standard staple in my kitchen anyway, so it won't be the only chance for me to experiment.

as i'm looking back on that random experiment and the pics....i hope that i will always have that openness or curiosity to try to make something random like that. while it may not turn out may spark inspiration or an idea for something else.

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