Tuesday, July 19, 2011

birthdays and roasted potatoes

just finished up my dinner of roasted potatoes.

on the surface, that sounds restrained and perhaps silly. yet, when one lives in san francisco with access to some pretty great ingredients.....it makes having roasted potatoes for dinner almost feel like i've done something rather naughty....especially when i've roasted the potatoes with mcevoy extra virgin olive oil and shallots. the potatoes are from little organic farm which has been popping up again recently at the sf ferry building farmers market on saturday. i was intrigued by them because one day they appeared next tierra vegetables (which is one of my regular stops on saturdays), a homie chef whispered a couple of things to me one day when we passed by them, and when i peered at the potatoes last saturday.... i noticed how incredibly thin skinned some of the potatoes were. so i bought some and it wasn't until today as i was wrapping up my day that i decided to try them out. so i decided to roast them simply and had a food nerd moment of cooing over the color of the insides....

i really do that by the way. pretty often actually. just taking a moment to appreciate the color, texture, smell, or feel of something i am making. it is a perk of being a home cook.

when i buy produce from a new (well new to me anyway) purveyor or vendor at a farmers market.... i try to cook it simply....as i want to get a sense of what they are selling. some of the produce from some of my faves (i.e., star route, marin roots, and dirty girl) often become snacks that i eat raw. sometimes they don't last through my snacking for me to actually cook them or make something with them. for example, earlier today, i snacked on radishes from marin roots "as is". the quality of the produce is one of the benefits of living here....and i'm no fool....i'm going to take advantage of this for as long as possible.

as the potatoes were roasting with some roughly cut shallots, salt, black pepper, and mcevoy extra virgin olive oil, i took a moment to process some of the pics i took yesterday as i was putting together a bday present for a homie chef.....

his birthday is today....and i took a quick break today to drop off his present at the ferry building this morning. hence me needing to get his present ready yesterday. as he is training for a marathon and is doing a "no booze" thing, i ended up getting him some random food-oriented things that may or may not assist him with his training.

what is rather amusing is that while i was doing this, susanna and i were texting back and forth ideas and such for his birthday....he was denying the fact his bday was coming up on twitter. i believe the exact tweet was "lies". i must admit that i was also rather amused that i put a picture of him on the bag.

something that may be slightly embarrassing for when the folks in the tent see it but not embarrassing enough for him to stab me with chopsticks.

quite a fine line that is.

he probably would have stabbed both of us if he realized some of the ideas that were flowing between susanna and i. eventually, susanna decided to bake healthy carrot + dried fruit cupcakes. i know that sounds bad....but they were pretty tasty actually. i'm no longer surprised how she can make things taste good that i never would have thought would taste good. we were both going with the theme of supporting him with the training.

it wasn't until i was eating my roasted potato dinner this evening...

that i realized that i didn't wait to be invited inside of the tent to say hey to everybody, happy birthday to the homie (or as i said to mrs. hapa ramen.... "your stinker"), and drop off the present. i just kind of showed up inside. funny how that happens when i didn't even really think about it. maybe because i spent a few days of my vacation working inside of it. maybe because one doesn't rest on formality anymore when someone seems to like to randomly put you in a headlock when you say hi or when you are trying to say bye.

it is a pretty far cry from getting scolding tweets + text messages for not coming by and saying hi.

this is for certain.


Chelsea said...

I can attest that those are some pretty darn good potatoes. I think they are all dry farmed which I found, gave them a dense texture and deeper potato flavor. It's good to know they are back!

foodie hunter said...

heya. i'm so glad that i tried them! i foresee myself buying quite a lot of them in the future.

see you soon btw..... :)