Saturday, July 16, 2011

a break with the vanilla blueberry travel cake from tell tale preserve co

it is a bit of a mixed blessing that i have these cool stools in my kitchen. i love how they have enabled me to make even more practical use of my a nook for eating as well as an alternative work space. yet, before the stools arrived, i really did have to leave my apartment from 3-6pm because the sun warms up my office area of my place to the point where it becomes very very very difficult to concentrate on the screen due to the heat. the heat makes me sleepy. hence, this is why i would make treks to summit, haus, the sf main library, philz, or seek out random cafes during these hours to ensure i could remain productive. now, with the stools in place, i just move to the kitchen to work on my computer when that part of the apartment gets really warm. yet, i am also realizing that it means that i am less likely to actually leave my place or walk outside. i returned to work on thursday and things have been very busy since then. i've left my place twice since wednesday....once to go to the ferry building to buy a 4505 cheeseburger + the hapa ramen take home kit on thursday morning and once this go to the saturday ferry building market to pick up some goodies from some of my usual faves (i.e., dirty girl, tierra vegetables, acme, marin roots, tell tale preserve co., etc.) yes, i know that i'm going to have to figure something ensure that i take walks in the middle of the day as a true "break". maybe i'll go on a walk later.....but right now i'm taking a mini break and wanted to share with you some food porn pics of the vanilla blueberry travel cake from tell tale preserve co that i bought this morning.

it really does travel it completely survived my trip from the ferry building to my place via a very crowded muni ride. still looked worse for wear from the crowded bus ride.....

i'm usually not a big fan of cakes....and i think what sucked me into buying it was because it was beautiful, because i seem to be drawn to fruit-oriented sweets (like blueberries), and i've consistently enjoyed many many many things i've bought from tell tale. the travel cake was no different. i love how it was moist and how i could see the tiny flecks of vanilla within the cake.

i've been nibbling on it while sipping on proper english tea....and unsurprisingly, it is a good combo.

i've also bought many things from them for loved ones who aren't able to make it to the ferry building on tuesdays and saturdays.....and have heard much positive feedback on their wares from the pate de fruit to the jars of confitures. i hope that they'll be able to find a permanent space soon.


Sugar Hustler aka The Sunflogger said...

I almost got this as well. It looked so amazing but I couldn't justify a whole cake to myself.

foodie hunter said...

their stuff is quite lovely.