Sunday, July 24, 2011

meet duckie

warning...this posting has absolutely positively nothing to do with food.

i must confess that when i was a neophyte i did a lot of scribbling in notebooks. while most of the scribbles consisted of poems, stories, observations, and such....there were also quite a few drawings of clothes. i wasn't really keen on dressing dolls but i was always keen on textures, colors, patterns, shapes....and would sketch images of clothes with unusual accents....pretending that i was creating clothing for alternative universes, worlds, or races. i've always been a fan of sci-fi and comic that probably had something to do with it. however, sketching clothes was one of those things i never spoke about. it just seemed like such a "girly" thing....and although i possess the XX chromosomes, when i was a kid....oh gawd forbid that i would do anything remotely actually admit that i liked fashion or sketched clothing.

fast forward almost eons later, and here i am....having no problems reconciling how i can be rather extremely brainy and be also quite interested in fashion. i dress like i write....for me and only for me. sometimes, it really does show. actually, it kinda often shows. i wear some crazy stuff sometimes, especially with color. it all depends on my mood and what i feel like in that moment. sounds familiar? because it is also how i cook as well.

so why am i telling you this dear reader? it is because i've decided to embark on a learning journey and teach myself how to sew. i have sewn some things in the past such as making bags out of scarves and that sort of thing....but i've decided to take my interest in fashion a step further and learn more about how clothes are constructed.

i have zero intention of being a "designer". i'm doing this for learn....and possibility understand more about clothes so that i can do my own tailoring and perhaps rework certain pieces to suit me. i am quite excited about this and am looking forward to learning more about sewing. this is actually something that i've been thinking about for a while but wanted to wait until after the expense of the whiskey tasting party was over before i even attempted anything.

i've already checked out quite a few books on sewing and fabric from the library that i have been looking through and reviewing. my sewing machine should arrive in a couple of weeks and my dress form has already arrived. i hadn't unpacked the dress form for more than 5 minutes before i started to play with fabric and such.

i knew that i was going to name her....but i wanted to spend some time with her before picking out a name. her name just came to me....and i think it is rather perfect tribute. i've decided to name her duckie.

because really..... if it was going to be blaine versus duckie.....for me, it always has been and always will be duckie.

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