Sunday, July 17, 2011

personal moments at rye whiskey tasting party

i'm finally caught up on all of the work email and also managed to make progress on "real" work today as well. this is a good thing since it is after midnight and i wanted my work to be at a point where i wouldn't be stressing about it tomorrow....or well...technically later today actually. i'm off for a trip outside of the city with some friends...which is quite a motivation for getting caught up on work. so i'm winding down before i go to sleep.....sipping on some hudson rye and nibbling on some chocolates that SW brought to the whiskey tasting party.

i do like the hudson quite a bit. for me, the hudson has intoxicating nose notes of honey and caramel. as i sip on my whiskey and nibble on my chocolate, i'm thinking more about the party. instead of being all analytical about it....which don't worry....i will be later on....i'm thinking about the random personal moments from the party that make me feel warm with smiles, chagrin, and sighs.

so here they are....some random personal moments that stand out the most to me from the party.....

pre-party (it was really nutty right up to when the first folks started showing up)

  • the heart sis ran into my building manager throwing in my semi wet laundry into the dryer....and actually cut in front of her in order to dry my clothes so i wouldn't have them hanging out in my place. isn't that love?
  • AC making two trips to go get ice in his dress up gear.
  • the heart sis asking AC if he would be ok with her wearing jeans and him jokingly saying "i'll kill you" because she made him wear his dressy outfit and he (unlike the heart sis) didn't bring a spare outfit.
  • my yelling down to the heart sis about a call i got from AC from 4 floors up while she's busting down boxes for recycling
  • how i had no idea what i was going to wear to my own party until 30 minutes before it started. i didn't get myself showered/ready until 45 min before it started. good thing no one was early. seriously.
at the party
  • feeling relief that folks didn't think my commenting tasting notes via sticky notes plan wasn't so nerdy that they weren't going to participate.
  • the heart sis sneaking off into another room to finish up the suggested terms she found in one of the whiskey books i didn't want folks seeing. i didn't want people reading any of the whiskey books as that may have shaped their opinions on the ryes.
  • DM going straight for the moonshine (aka white rye) as his first taste
  • me hiding the recchiuti chocolate that SW brought from everybody else. i know how to think ahead.
  • feeling proud as CK obtained even more fans of her food.
  • me ensuring that i had pours out for the entire line up as i had a feeling that WW was going to be one of the first through the entire line up in a very methodical engineering sort of way. i knew i could count on WW along with the rocket scientist to do the comments with enthusiasm.
  • giggling at la chica + ms. AB breaking out into a coordinated dance
  • me pulling rank (as host) when CK's brown butter ice cream sandwiches came out so that i could be among the first to eat one. i'm no fool.
  • me telling CK that a certain chef said that her ice cream sandwiches were better than bi-rite. context: bi-rite is more of a testament to CK's food.
  • many people commenting, touching, or pulling out various books on my bookshelves. i suppose the fact that i have books in every room and the books themselves probably reveals a lot about me.
  • chuckling at susanna eating at least 7 of SW's homemade tuile cookies (they are that good btw.)
  • feeling rather pleased with myself that i converted quite a few people over to mission chinese food via the orders of ma po tofu, kung pao pastrami, and the chinese bbq platter i had delivered.
  • jesse + richie were both tweeting about the party in real time. surreal.
  • SW + CK talking about my blog and keeping an eye out for postings about each other.
  • having a bonding moment with marcia over the june issue of italian vogue.
  • the heart sis pulling out the compostable cutlery that someone threw in the trash...because she knew how much hassle it was for me to obtain compostable everything.....cups, plates, cutlery, biobags, etc etc.
  • realizing how much my life has changed when JW asked me "where else do you work when you aren't working at hapa ramen?" context: i helped out in the hapa ramen stand while i was on vacation from my job and JW saw me at the stand earlier. still....quite a reminder how life is quite different these days.
  • hearing from a friend of a friend who is a bartender at a well known mission bar say that she plans on ordering one of the ryes she tasted for her bar and how the tasting notes were useful. this appealed to the practical part of me quite a bit.
  • from across the room...seeing richie with a chesire grin as he put sticky notes under various whiskey categories and me thinking "oh shit, what did he write that he is so pleased with himself?"
  • noticing how industry folks spent a lot of hanging out time in the kitchen. a lot. fascinating.
  • hearing how so many people were liking the templeton and thinking about how pleased GC would be that his choice was getting so much attention.
  • observing family, friends...both old and new....laughing, chatting, connecting, and having a good time.
overall, i think i was probably glowing throughout the entire evening....not from the rye...but with simple happiness.

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