Monday, July 4, 2011

stuffed on the 4th of july

i'm still stuffed from all of the major amounts of food that i devoured at a homie's house today and wanted to share some of the pics. methinks the homie spent a lot of time with lovely meat ....which was also dressed with a spicy sauce. i probably ate a lot more of that pork than i should have.....

i really liked the soft bread the homie made as well.....

i am unsurprised that he's got some serious skills and felt quite lucky to be able to partake in the food.

i'm also a sucker for corn on the cob and had two cobs of it actually....

there was also a bunch of different sides made by folks.

susanna made some yummy sides from some ingredients that she had on hand after her stint working an event in socal regarding local regional hawaii cuisine.

i really liked the bean salad with the kumquats and hearts of palm.

i've said this before....i'll say it now...and i'll probably say it later....but if i meet a straight man that cooks like susanna, it will likely significantly complicate my life. i'll probably develop some unrequited crush that has me singing and dancing along to cheesy music in my spare time.

or maybe not (about the singing and dancing that is).

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