Tuesday, July 26, 2011

surreal indirect spotlight

almost midnight and i'm winding down for the evening. i thought i'd write a bit before i grabbed some sleep. i didn't leave my place for any breaks or excursions today. methinks i'm currently in "head down" mode as i seek to get some things done for work. while i didn't take any breaks outside of my place today, i did take a few minutes to make myself a pretty simple lunch. like most meals i make at home, there is a lot of looking through the pantry or at the most recent buys from the farmers markets.

today, it all started with a can of tuna ......

and romaine hearts from star route. then i decided to roast some slices of potatoes from little organic farm with smoked onion salt and golden cayenne...both from tierra vegetables.... as well as some green beans from dirty girl produce. because i was roasting the potatoes and beans...i thought i should also cook a couple of eggs from marin sun farms....because it sounded like a nice combo in my head.

while i was putting everything together and eating my rather random meal.....i was thinking more about a surreal dinner out with friends who happen to be in the food industry recently.

it wasn't surreal because of the food, it was surreal for another reason.

the surreal aspect of the evening reminded me a little of what i felt like when i was GC's plus one at the nyc variety event where he was scheduled to interview a couple of movie stars....and then i unexpectedly found myself within touching distance of said movie stars in a tiny room before the interview started and i almost half wished that i could find an escape hatch away from the glow of the celebrity. i was there because i just had dinner with my friend and his partner and wanted to support GC and have a chance to see him at work....i wasn't there for the movie stars. when i saw a rather famous director have a friendly chat with GC before the interview started, i thought that was cool for GC.....but that doesn't mean that i wanted be anywhere near the line of sight of that director. i'm perfectly happy being the in background.

over the past year i have have been fortunate to meet, become friends with, and care for some really great people who just happen to be in the food industry. i think most folks are aware that i am not in the food industry. my profession is within the technology industry. yet, all of my friends are within all different sorts of fields and industries. i care for all of my friends....relatively new and long time ones...because of who they are as people....i respect their passions...the pursuit of their passions....their sense of drive....and find these folks to be smart, funny, and more than occasionally silly.

so sometimes it is a bit surreal when i see friends interact with folks that are very well known within their particular field or area.

for example, the other night at dinner, all sorts of food industry folks were visiting the table. there were a lot of greetings happening between courses and there seemed to be unusually high level of interest in the table. how do i know this? i know this because this sort of thing doesn't happen when i'm dining out by myself or with friends who aren't in the food industry. for someone such as myself who prefers to not be in the spotlight...even indirect spotlight, it was a bit surreal...and there were times i was wondering would be possible for me to hide....like under the table. i eventually found a way to tune out the attention. i think it helped that i was more than 100% certain i wasn't the reason for the interest in the table and also because i kept returning to the real reason why i was there....i was there to just hang out with people i care about.

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