Friday, July 15, 2011

taking food home from ferry building farmers market

yup. i'm back to work. i returned yesterday to early morning meetings and hundreds and hundreds of emails. i pretty much knew on thursday that i wouldn't be in a mindset to do any cooking so after three hours of meetings, i caught muni to the ferry building to buy some food to go or as "takeaway". i figured i eat a 4505 meats cheeseburger for my brunch and then reheat one of hapa ramen's take home kits for dinner. folks are able to purchase a take home kit of any ramen they have available that day and yesterday, the ramen on special was a yellowtail ramen broth with sake poached roe and these delicious homemade fishcakes. so after buying the burger, saying hi to the hapa ramen folks, and paying for the ramen via the tip jar (which i know rankles certain somebodies...but i don't have anything to into the tip jar it goes), i scurried home so that i could continue to do more work.

yet, while i ate the burger as soon as i got home......

and a few of the heart sis' cookies....that was all that i ended up eating on thursday. there was too much to catch up on work-wise. as a result, i had the yellowtail ramen for a brunch today after my round of morning meetings were complete.

everything was super easy to reheat. i had one pot of water to heat up the noodles and then once the yellowtail broth was simmering i put in the fishcakes so that they would be slowly reheated.

everything was done pretty quickly.

the delicate broth was tasty and i loved the fishcakes quite a bit.

well, time to get back to work.

until later....

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