Wednesday, July 6, 2011


i'm getting ready to head out the door and do some errands for the upcoming rye whiskey tasting party. i know a certain homie chef looked at me a bit askew yesterday about already doing prep stuff for my party. yet, this is what happens when one doesn't have a car, still has to purchase beer (because it didn't arrive via grocery delivery), and has to do things like buy collapsible containers to house things like compostable garbage. i think i'd also like to pick up a few more different flavors of fee brother bitters. there are actually quite a few more things on my "to do" list that i don't feel like mentioning here as well.

i did allow myself the luxury of having a lazy morning today though and partake in some lovely stone fruit from various local organic farms. aside from doing things like rye party prep and the party itself, i am also helping out some friends with some front of house work with their food business during my vacation. i know it may seem like odd things to do on my vacation....yet, this is the longest amount of time i have been home in about six years. it is nice to just be at home, hang out with friends, help out friends with stuff, and be mellow. since food trade is so prevalent in the industry and at markets....a definite perk to working in industry (even to just do some temporary helping out) is the access to some amazing produce.

and i do love noshing on local california grown produce.

well, off to do some errands.

until later....

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