Monday, August 8, 2011

before i go to sleep

methinks it is time for bed.

just made some good progress on some work projects which feels good and am hoping to wind down a bit before i go to sleep.

it was about 5pm today that i started to get ready to head out to the hapa ramen popup at bar tartine. my objective was to get there super early so that i could be back home in time to do another 3 hours or so of work. as i was getting ready i received a text message from a friend who was also planning to attend and was wondering if i was going. i indicated that i was hoping to be there at 6....and they were game. i met my friend at bar tartine and then after we were seated, i dropped off some adult beverages for folks in the kitchen, and was able to check-in with susanna. i suppose it is cheating a bit...but i already knew what i wanted to eat. i wanted to have the pork cheeks and the mushroom mochi popcorn dish.

i enjoyed both dishes quite a bit for different reasons. i loved the mochi dish because it was a mix of different textures and flavors. it was a very playful dish. there was the mochi which was slightly sweet, topped with a generous dollop of savory silky mince of mushrooms, and crimson popcorn w/furikake.

see what i mean about playful? it was a dish of contrasting textures ....risky.....yet it worked.... and it was comforting at the same time. unsurprisingly, this was one of susanna's dishes. speaking of comforting, i'd been thinking about the rye glazed pork cheeks ever since i'd seen it appear on the sneak peek preview menu.

ahhhh, this was a dish i wanted to hold next to me (which i actually did do) and just slowly scoop it into my mouth. the pork cheeks were deliciously tender and the corn yummy....i kinda wish i could just have a bowl of that to eat for breakfast....then the acid from the the tiny chunks of watermelon with the thin slices of pickled watermelon rind brought a sense of brightness to the dish as well. sigh. i love richie's food. if i had room, i would have had the foie dish....but given that i've been eating pretty lightly through my cold/cough/whatever it is...i knew that there was no way i was going to be able to make it through a foie dish tonight.

the service tonight was kind of surreal because it is surreal when your server is your friend. i ended up chatting more with mrs hapa ramen about potential things to do for the next time we hang out more than anything else. i also don't usually hug the server who is responsible for the table....but of course i'm going to hug my friend...hence all of these things equaled to a surreal experience.

after my friend and i were done with the meal, we said our goodbyes to folks and i had a chance to check-in with richie about the next couple of weeks. august is an absolutely crazy ass month for the crew of hapa ramen. incredibly crazy. yet, in between trying to check-in about some upcoming events.....i started to have giggling fits watching my friend interact with richie....they already knew each other....but i had never seen them interact before. or perhaps a better and more accurate description is that i've never seen them squabble with large doses of tolerant exasperation thrown in before. it was rather hilarious. i don't know if they thought it was hilarious...but i thought it was. i think susanna will know EXACTLY what i'm talking about. i can almost hear her voice say "i'm glad you think it is funny" in my head. i'm still cackling to myself right now...hours i recall this.

it was the combination of comforting food, laughter, and friends that enabled me to return by 8 and seriously plow through more work for the next few hours.

it is also that combination that will enable me to go to bed with a chuckle as well.

nite all.


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