Tuesday, August 16, 2011

dumplings for breakfast

so last night when i met up with susanna for an impromtu dinner visit to yamo......

the conversation at one point touched upon dumplings. i love dumplings. i love susanna's food. i wholeheartedly support susanna's experimentation into dumpling territory. i've even taken to photocopying dumpling techniques that i've come across a recent book i read about chinese cuisine and giving it to her. see! friends are suppose to be supportive....and if such support also helps enable dumpling guest appearances on the hapa ramen menu, i'm all for.

you bet i was very keen on keeping track of when dumplings would make a rare and not heavily advertised appearance on the hapa ramen menu. i'd even asked richie earlier on the phone if she was still planning to have them appear for tuesday market. see what i mean about being keen on keeping track? then later on when we were hanging out and talking about the dumplings, i asked her if she'd prefer i not discuss the dumplings in the blog or elsewhere....she said it would be ok as long as i stressed the fact that they make rare appearances and when they do make a rare appearance....they are in very limited quantity.

i missed out the last time they made an appearance so there was no way i was going to miss out this time. i got my ass down to the ferry building this morning when the stand opened so that i could try the dumplings for breakfast. i had no intention of blogging or tweeting about it ahead of time because i'm selfish like that. i wanted to make certain that i got to try it. by the time, i'd gotten to the stand there were folks that already ordered it. i'm not the only one that has been tracking the appearance of the dumpling.

so i put my order in, sneaked some money into the tip jar, and did a bit of catch up with folks regarding some upcoming events until my order came up.

my custom order was a single order of the dumplings in a bit of broth. when the dumplings make their rare and limited appearance ....they are offered as an "add on" to the ramen. the dumplings today were filled with a melody of 5 different types of mushrooms from far west funghi. there was also a bit of spice bite from the ginger as well. they were quite delicious. sigh.

after i ate the yummy dumplings and drank the broth out of the bowl for my breakfast, i said good bye to folks in order to get back to work. naturally, i waited until after i was on muni to tweet about the dumplings. i'm no fool.

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