Tuesday, August 2, 2011

going to the chapel

fascinating developments today.

while the day began super duper early with a few morning meetings with me sneaking in an email to la chica to wish her a happy birthday.....her present will come later. no i didn't get her chocolate, i just used the box. i'm rather infamous for doing things like reusing sweet tins + boxes for presents. it will be ready for her the next time i see her.

after my first round of meetings were done today, i stepped into my kitchen to make myself a super spicy noodle soup that included tom yum paste, soft tofu, and rice noodles.......hoping that the spicy soup will help with whatever cold thingy i have that i'm fighting off.

little did i know that by the end of the day i'd find myself humming this song.....

because someone is getting married! you know, i usually think of myself as being quite cynical. i suppose it isn't impossible to surprise oneself.

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Victoria said...

Yes yes! However, we're probably not getting married in a chapel. Just as an FYI. :-)