Sunday, August 28, 2011

late lunch with a side of raw sauce

before i put my head into a work project for the rest of the evening, i thought i'd take a moment or two to go though some of the pictures i've taken recently including the late lunch i made for myself earlier. i decided to make a large batch of the raw tomato sauce that a friend told me about...who i am not allowed to credit. i also posted about making this sauce for the first time earlier. i wanted to make this sauce of grated raw early girl tomatoes, organic ca grown garlic, kosher salt, and mcevoy olive oil to see if it would go well with boccalone's ciauscolo in a sandwich. i picked up this soft salame w/porcini mushrooms from boccalone last week.

as i was making the sauce and the sandwich i was thinking about how i made this sauce for someone as well as a few other things and that evening he asked me how did i get to know so much about food. the question took me aback then as it does now....just recalling it. i think he could tell i was taken aback by the question and explained how he thought someone we know in common likes to pretend that they know about food but really doesn't...and how in comparison....i really know about food. while he was saying this, i wondered if he thought this because he is one of the small handful of people that know i am person behind the alias and anonymous mask of "foodie hunter".

i suppose it is all relative.

personally, i don't see myself as knowing much about food. yet, i can see his point...especially when he brought up the mutual person we know in common. it is one thing to eat for is another to be passionate about it, even when no one is looking. i suppose this came through when watching me cook, eating what i cook, and having general conversations about it.

i know that i'm passionate about it... i know that i like to study where food comes from, the science of food, the wider political impact of food business, and how on a micro and personal it nourishes our bodies....our senses....our memories.......and how we can communicate....and show care through food. i also just love food for the pure pleasure of it.

i suppose i don't really see myself as knowing much about food because i see how much there is still for me to learn. it is seemingly endless. yet, that doesn't disappoint find it rather exciting....the bounty of almost never ending knowledge and discovery.

i suppose it is also because there are loved ones that know a heck a lot more about food than i do. they have chosen their professions to revolve around food....and/or because they have done extensive amount of research....both theoretical and empirical...than i have. i learn so much from being around them as well. it just naturally happens.

this blog is an extension my passions....where i am able to meld my passions for writing, food, and photography....all in one place. i was thinking about this quite a bit as i was making my way through my sandwich as well as dipping my sandwich in more of the raw sauce....because why not?.....there are those beef sandwiches that folks dip in why not dip my sandwich in more delicious raw tomato sauce?

it does not escape me that someone with my sense of privacy and my chosen profession has such a public outlet for my melding passions. the fact that this is such a public outlet is something that i'm also thinking more about as the small handful of people that know and discover that "foodie hunter" is unintentionally growing. the other day when i was hanging out with someone, they asked me if i post anything negative in my blog.

while this person knows i am the author of "foodie hunter", i've only recently met they weren't around for that diatribe i wrote last year that made some rather unexpected rounds via social media.

so my response was "no, i don't."

sometimes, i'm not exactly talkative.

then they were like, "why not?"

my response was a lot more concise than my was simply "because writing negative things has the potential to hurt people. and their families".

after i said my response that day and realized that i could condense my diatribe down to that was a bit it made me also realize that i'm not exactly as robotic and unfeeling as i seem.

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