Monday, August 29, 2011


just arrived home. had a lovely dinner out at the hapa ramen popup at bar tartine this evening. we sat at the bar so hence, no foodie porn pics. i don't use a flash...especially in a restaurant setting. there is something really lovely about hanging out with someone you care about and sharing food....especially sharing food that is so well prepared and tasty.

the after work day, we started at sightglass coffee. i hadn't been before yet i've been wanting to see the space. just as a fyi, the available chairs are limited downstairs (i don't know if there is any seating upstairs)....yet, there is quite a bit of standing space...which reminds me quite a bit of the counters i saw in rome actually. we met at sightglass for some coffee before heading out to the mission for the hapa ramen popup.

by some miracle, we actually found a parking front of tartine no less. so before we went to bar tartine for the popup, we visited tartine bakery. it was fate i suppose.

by the time we reached the hapa ramen pop wasn't even 6:30 yet and there were already quite a few people seated. this instantly told me that it was going to be a super busy night. i was glad that there was space at the bar because we hadn't made a reservation. after saying a quick hi to folks....and bit of a side trip to pick up something from the van for them (hey, what are friends for...i also did offer to go on a coffee run for mrs. hapa ramen too...which i probably should have done despite her saying there was no need), i sat down with a loved one and we ordered. oh boy, did we order....we ended up having the charcuterie super delicious.....the foie dish which we both were completely enamored of....the almost infamous dumplings which were pan fried so it had that nice crunchy bottom to it....the sardines....the sous vide albacore....the spleen taste from the secret menu....and the bourbon spiked trifle. so much good food. i am so stuffed right now.

by the time i said my super duper quick good byes to richie, sus, and mrs. hapa ramen.....and we left.....the place was just buzzing. it was a full house and there were folks waiting outside. it was still early. as i type this, i have a feeling that it is still super duper busy. i really can't wait until they open their permanent that more folks will have the opportunity to taste their lovely food.

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